Many individuals have, or are interested in finding a network marketing opportunity that will let them make money selling products or services them themselves enjoy. But, with all the competition it can be hard to distinguish yourself from all the others. My Video Talk has just the solution, and opportunity for you. This article will review the company, what they offer and if you can make money with their program.

The Company

Mel and Amy Gill founded Team Effort International back in 2002 and are the developers of My Video Talks studio. They are a global company with a large following overseas and launched their USA division in 2004 which is based just outside the San Francisco Bay Area. My Video Talk Studio entered pre-launch in April, 2010.

The company's focus is on creating innovative communications technologies to change how the world connects, communicates, educates and markets. Their live video streaming technology allows direct communication in a quick, clean and efficient manner.

The Product

The Studio is designed to allow individuals, businesses and marketers to stand out from the competition, create more sales and build stronger relationships with customers by having video become the focus of communications instead of plain text.

My Video Talk Studio includes the following components:

My Video Designer – Lets you create and send branded video e-mails in minutes without any programming or technical skills needed. Each email video is fully customizable with images, logos, and banners.

My Video Broadcaster – Allows you to have live streaming video webinars, share PowerPoint presentations, other videos and files, all wrapped in a fully customizable branded framework.

My Video Channel – Lets you create web content that is fully customizable, branded for you and your business without competitive or third party advertisers popping up.

My Video Webshow – Allows video conferencing with up to 7 people, with HD quality and within your fully branded, customizable framework.

Each of the products in the suite are completely customizable and include SEO optimization built in. The company provides a Live Learning Channel giving members 1 on 1 training or the ability to sit in on conferences or webinars.

Compensation Plan

Basic membership with My Video Talk starts at $ 249.90 and requires a $ 29.00 monthly fee. They also offer a Business Builders membership for $ 399.90 and a $ 49.00 monthly fee. Of the 8 different ways to earn income, 6 are bonuses you earn with increased sales volumes and recruiting new members to grow the business. You earn $ 25.00 for each Basic package sold and $ 100.00 for Business Builders package sold. Residual income is calculated using something called a Dual Core Double Binary Compensation structure.

While researching the company I was a little disappointed that the 4 large graphics on their home page that represent the components of My Talk Video appeared to be clickable, but did nothing when clicked. Also, the samples on the products page were simply images instead of videos that would demonstrate the look and feel. Their main Product Video however, was well done.

As internet usage continues to grow and more businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs utilize advanced technologies to communicate with others, it appears My Talk Video is well prepared to capitalize on this growing trend. Individuals with the proper marketing skills should be able to make money with their business as long as they are able to grow the team accordingly.

Source by Karl Dieterich