Binary scams are resulting in unpleasant situations for a great number of people, so no wonder there are more and more initiatives to help traders who have encountered scams and lost their money. One such initiative is also Fair Binary Options customer support that gives traders more information about brokers. The latest addition to the advisory services is MyChargeBack.

MyChargeBack is a specialized service that assists people who were scammed by fraudulent forex and binary brokers. It is providing them support in order to successfully manage their credit card disputes, as banks and credit card companies offer little to no help.

This makes traders alone in their fight against scams. MyChargeBack is supporting them with the right strategy that can help them get their money back.

The entire process of assisting has 3 very important benefits for the trader:  

  1. MyChargeBack takes a deep look into your case and provides you with necessary tools and guidance.
  2. They provide you help as soon as possible
  3. MyChargeBack helps with all the details the trader is often unaware of.

MyChargeBack understands that there every case is unique and one of a kind, but they have one thing in common – traders are usually not specialized to communicate with scams. They provide the necessary guidance and expertise by keeping it smart and simple. This way, every case is presented in the right way. Their specialists are usually keeping up with all popular scam methods and can recognize them immediately as well as help you avoid some obvious traps that can cost you money. Sure thing is – scams will do anything not to give you your money!

In case you encountered a scam broker, make sure to fill out the registration form on their website and follow their directions. Alternatively, ask our customer support for help.

Fair Binary Options, as always, provides traders with many important information about binary options brokers, so we suggest you read our reviews before making the deposit. Also, make sure to read our guides about scams and how to recognize them to prevent any unpleasant situations in the future.

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