However, everyone is not perfect for network marketing! It is amazing that someone with no education or large investment CAN become a six figure earner if they have a burning desire deep down in their gut to be free and can let their ego go! The benefits of owning your own business are many … but it still is not for everyone.


Well, everyone has the potential to be a success, this is not magic, but many have to have results today, which is silly. In any profession there is a learning curve and network marketing is no different. You have to be willing to self educate yourself without someone always behind you pushing you along. In a job you are used to a weekly paycheck coming in every week, are you OK with no checking coming in on Friday, just a bonus check? You only get paid if you do the work as an entrepreneur. For most, in their day job they look for status and recognition. As an entrepreneur, will you be OK with not getting all the fame? Professional entrepreneurs dream of complete freedom from the rat race … love self development, and will not stop till their dream becomes a reality.

Make no mistake, if you constantly need someone holding your hand, or motivated you, network marketing probably is not a good match for you. You will need an entrepreneurial mindset, and if making as much money as you desire excites you, then it may be for you! Get ready to make some great new friends, and lose some friends. Many of the people in your life now will not understand what you are doing, and want to keep you from succeeding. To succeed you must believe in it strictly, and not need approval from anyone. When you bring someone into your business you must now be willing to be there for them … you are now their mentor for life! Have a duplicatable system in place for them to follow, and they will be able to teach the people they bring in. The system should be proven and easy to follow. Now when I say the word easy, it means anyone can do it, but it is still work and you will need to actually talk to people.

Success does not come from changing others … you must have a mastermind group for self development … success comes from changing YOU. Always work harder on you then anyone else. As you can see, it does take a certain type of person to make it big in network marketing as a professional … I encourage anyone that thinks it may be for them to download my FREE E-Book and join our free mastermind group. Before you put a lot of money in see if you have what it takes for free!

Source by Alice McCarthy