Imagine a situation where you never miss a target while hunting. What if there is an instrument to accurately measure long distances? How great would it be if you can hit a shot from the tee? Does all this sound too good to be true? Actually not. All this and more is possible with rangefinders.

Rangefinders are extremely useful devices, which were originally devised to help architects and engineers in construction. Nowadays, rangefinders are used for a variety of purposes, including hunting, golfing, and photography. Rangefinders are used to determine the distance between your position and your target. You can use a rangefinder when you go on a hunting trip. Attach it to your rifle and finding game will be a piece of cake. With a golf rangefinder, you can easily sharpen your golfing skills.

Laser rangefinders are advanced versions of regular rangefinders that use a laser beam to estimate the distance. Laser rangefinders are used in a wide range of applications. In military applications, they are used along with compasses, inclinometers, and other devices to locate military targets.

Tupelo Super Store has a wide and varied range of rangefinders. Laser Scout 1000, Tour V2, and Medalist are high-quality Bushnell rangefinders. The Laser Scout 1000 rangefinder is compact in size and can measure the distance between you and your target at a press of a button. The Tour V2 rangefinder with patented ‘Slope Technology’ can determine accurate distances after considering the incline and decline angles. You can also get digital golf rangefinders, GX-I and GX-II at Tupelo Super Store. These Leupold rangefinders will help to improve your golfing skills and your friends will surely notice the difference. Designed exclusively for bow hunters, RX-II rangefinders offer true ballistic range measurements up to 750 yards. The Monarch Laser800 Rangefinder comes with Nikon’s revolutionary Tru-Target (TT) Ranging System, and original digital processor that allow the hunter to focus the target at a push of a button. Most of the laser rangefinders from Tupelo Super Store are weather proof and water proof, allowing you to carry them anywhere you go.

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