Adflasher – Earnings and Advertising in Action

This new site allows you to earn up to $15/hr to view ads from home. How does it work? Ads are purchased which are displayed in the ad viewer. You view the ads in the ad viewer, which will make sure you are paying attention with a countdown timer you must click on.

How much can I earn?

With Ad Flasher you can earn up to $15 and hour for viewing ads.  You also get a $1.50 sign up bonus, a $1.50 referral bonus and 10% of your referral earnings.

So what exactly do I have to do to make money?

It is unbelievably easy:

You just view the ads, click on the countdown, wait for the site to completely load, close it, rinse and repeat.

How am I paid?

Adflasher pays it members with Paypal, Google Checkout, Liberty Reserve and Alertpay.  They prefer Google Checkout and Alert Pay.

Okay, sounds good. Tell me what I need to do.

Click here to sign up. Use your sign up bonus to use the ad viewer. When you finish with using the ad viewer, purchase your first view pack for $15 (I know this sounds like a lot, but with this $15 you can earn $30 from the ad viewer) and continue viewing ads.

I would recommend just buying 1 View Pack at a time. There is no advantage to purchasing more than 1 at a time. The mistake I made originally was purchasing 4 View Packs with my first spend. I really wanted to test this to make sure it worked, but quickly found out that if you buy 4 View Packs (400 views), you have to finish surfing all 400 views before you will get paid. It’s not like I could purchase 400, view 100, then get paid on that 100, and then do the other 300 when I get some free time. So I was up very late last night trying to finish my views to make sure this worked. But it was worth the time, and yes, it does work.

So I would recommend just buying 1 View Pack at a time. Then when you are done, and if you have extra funds, go ahead and purchase another one while you are waiting for your $30 worth of earnings to be transfered to your Available Balance to be withdrawn. Then you can always be getting paid after every 100 views, and just do this over and over and over.

To register for free or get some more info:

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