New Year’s Eve parties used to be celebrated at the homes of family and friends. However, since massive-scale parties are broadcast on television for all to see, there is a longing in many Americans to hit the streets and live large for the night. Whether you plan on bundling up in Times Square or wearing that slinky dress to a Miami gala event, there are many options for the New Year’s Eve party hunter. Yet, beware. The only way to orchestrate such an elaborate trip is to book everything well in advance to avoid any disappointment, as tickets usually sell out months in advance!

When most people think of traveling for New Year’s Eve parties, they think of New York City. Thee place to be when the ball drops is naturally New Yorks Times Square, and huddling outside wearing multiple layers of clothing with one million other people, screaming and shouting. Festivities start around 6pm with the lighting and raising of the ball. Last year’s musical performances included: Parachute, Ludacris, The Liberty Bells (sing-a-long), Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie and the Jonas Brothers. There were hourly countdowns with Carson Daly, Ryan Seacrest, Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper and Raúl de Molina, as well as special guest appearances by Bill and Hillary Clinton and Mayor Bloomberg. Times Square is action-packed if you’re looking to share the festivities with many other excitable yahoos.

There are other places to travel abroad for the best New Year’s Eve parties as well. Why not spend this New Years Eve in France? In Paris, you can see cabaret shows at Pigalle Place, take a Seine River dinner cruise, drink champagne at the Champs-Elysees and watch fireworks explode over the Eiffel Tower. If clubbing is one of your New Year traditions, then you may want to check out the Nouveau Casino, The Wagg, Le Troisieme Lieu, the REX Club and Divan du Monde. It might be best to work with a travel agent well in advance to book your France New Year’s Eve experience.

There are celebrations pretty much everywhere, so it’s up to you what sort of New Year’s Eve parties you’d like to attend. For some people, it’s all about the warm weather and the beaches. After all, why not start the new year with a pleasant vacation an escape from the dreary winter weather? For others, it’s about New Year traditions and experiencing the Big Apple like they’ve seen on television since they were kids. For sports fanatics, it’s about the big game and tailgating with friends. One thing is for sure: you do not want to spend this New Year’s Eve sitting home with a box of wine! Start this year off motivated and adventurous — and good things are sure to come your way!

Source by Joanna Whitmire