Poker is one of the most popular card games in America. Unlike other cards games that can be won by luck, poker requires strategic planning, quick thinking, and clever execution to win the game.

Tupelo Super Store has a wide range of poker books, which will help you to hone your skills and strategies build-up your skill and show the way to success. These books are written by experts and leading poker players, and one among the best is Charlie Shoten’s book– No Limit Life. This book not just focuses on the poker strategies, but offers you guidance on problem solving.

Born in New York City, Charlie Shoten is a computer entrepreneur and insurance executive. Later, Charlie Shoten developed an interest towards poker game, and became a professional poker player. In his poker career, he has cashed in more than fifty poker tournaments across the United States. Owing to his successes, he has become one of the top-ranked professional players in the poker game. Despite his successes, he felt he is not happy with his life. So, he started analyzing his own life, and identified the basic problems that make him stressful. Once he started solving them, his life has become happier. Charlie Shoten wanted to share his experience, and started writing the book No-Limit Life.

No Limit Life by Charlie Shoten mainly deals with problem solving skills both in games as well as in life. It is more like the author’s biography that discusses about problems that we face in day-to-day lives as well in poker games, and also suggests the best way to solve them. This Charlie Shoten’s book is simple and easy to understand. Although it deals with problem-solving techniques, the book is full of fun and is suitable for all age group. For poker players, who want to know more than just poker game, then this Charlie Shoten’s book is worth a buy. You can get the latest edition of No Limit Life by Charlie Shoten from Tupelo Super Store, which also have a huge collection of other poker books.

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