You must Check this very important Nova App Review before investing. The Nova App is one of the worst scams we’ve exposed recently. Based on nothing but a laughable web of lies, deceit and malpractice, trading with these guys is sheer financial suicide – you have been warned! ***

When a scam as rotten as Nova App Software hits the scene, it’s difficult to stifle a chuckle at how brazenly outrageous they are to market their dreadful product. However as any reader should know all too well – scams such as this are absolutely no laughing matter. Make no mistake Nova App, despite its’ absolutely reeking of scam, can and do not just rip off well meaning investors but in some cases truly destroy lives. The crooks behind the Nova App project work simply on the basis of maximizing exposure via spam and exploiting social media. After all as far as they’re concerned, even if they convert only a minuscule percentage of people it’s basically a license for them to steal money at next to no cost or risk to themselves. For this very reason exposing these despicable scams is utterly vital – so read on for all the proof anyone needs to understand that Nova App Review system is an utter scam.

Nova App Review :- Scam Nova Software Exposed !! See Proofs !

We’re introduced to this Nova App scam by an all too familiar presentation packed with absolute nonsense and Photoshop edited ‘evidence’. The actor playing the supposed ‘Michael Newberry’ alleges that he is the CEO of a software that not only has never lost a trade, but also generates a minimum $5000 profits a day. Being the well meaning multi-millionaire he alleges to be, he’s now offering his miracle system to those less fortunate than himself. Nice guy – right? WRONG!

The truth of course is that the Nova App Review system is absolute nonsense. ‘Newberry’ explains that the success of his software can be attributed to simply being the fastest in the world by a minuscule yet all important fraction. Let’s take a quick reality check. Enormous globe spanning financial institutions invest hundreds of millions a year into enhancing the quality of their trading platforms. While it’s true that a tiny decimal can make a huge difference to predicting the markets, at the end of the day there’s an inherent element of unpredictability that simply is beyond any sense of projection. Is it likely that some random individual has bested the entire financial software industry? Of course not.

If he actually had such a Nova App software he could sell licenses for potentially billions – so why give it away to random strangers via a very small, badly put together website that relies upon spam for marketing?

Avoid Viewing or Joining The Nova Website URL (

The Ludicrous Nova App Software :- More Scam Warnings Outlined !!

Nova App

We’ve already noted that a 100% success rate is simply impossible. Even the best traders in the world have days where they end up in the red, and they’re using legit software as well as world class human expertise. However apparently this Nova-App software beats all that, is totally automatic and utterly infallible, while also competes within every single market across the world. As it’s fully automatic anyone can use it, even making the crazy comment that signing up is ‘easier than Facebook’. Even by scam standards this is so ridiculous as to merely make such outlandish claims exposes this for the nasty little fraud that it is.

Yet if we are to believe ‘Newberry’ the software speaks for itself with the evidence provided within both the Nova App presentation and on the website. Don’t believe a word of it. Using what is clearly a simulated version of the actual software, he shows how he doubles his investment within a mere moment – clearly hoping that this will dupe potential investors into casting any doubts aside and signing up.

The same supposed success is displayed on what he claims are the payouts to a list of current investors. Every one of these made $5250 on a given day. Without wishing to state the blind obvious, the idea that multiple traders make the same amount, every single day is impossible. It is a lie, just like everything else to do with the Nova App.

Does The Nova App Really Works ? Bogus Nova Algorithm Exposed !!

Many people mistakenly assume that after making the initial deposit with these criminals, that they enter a kind of partnership arrangement – much like being a customer with a legit financial service. This is absolutely not the case. The reality is that Nova App Review Program are basically a marketing/match making ‘service’ that feeds their victims and their deposits (minus a healthy commission) into the hands of criminal partner brokers. The user has no contact with the broker, so when they abscond with your money complaints to Nova App downloads will 99% of the time ignored, or occasionally they’ll brazenly suggest you invest more or must have made a mistake.

Notice that there’s no real form of customer service at work anywhere. Even more worryingly, and just like any other scam, the Nova App website provides merely a generic email address as a form of contact. No live chat, phone support, physical address. Wouldn’t you think a millionaire could at least provide a small scale level of support? Legitimate binary signals service offer support in multiple languages in every format imaginable. The fact that Nova App is the opposite clearly suggests that it’s a total scam. What company wouldn’t even provide an address…? This is because as a criminal enterprise they work without any regulation – meaning their victims have absolutely no legal support to chase their lost investments.

Utterly Falsified Nova App Testimonials & Reviews !!

Nova App Scam

We’ve already mentioned that Newberry is an actor, but the actual Nova website also features plenty of classic scam techniques when fishing for clients. Everyone knows how important existing customer reviews are to attract further business, and binary scams are no different – apart from they write their own. A simple image search on the featured profiles proves that the pictures of the supposedly delighted investors are just ripped from the web.

The individuals in question have nothing whatsoever to do with Nova App, and can feel rightly angry that their images are used to help market a sham product. We’ve emailed the traceable individuals in question, but it’s extremely unlikely that the crooks running the Nova App Review website will bother to remove them. After all they’re untraceable and unaccountable – so why should they care?

An important and unpleasant trend we’ve seen lately has been false review sites popping up whereby scams pay for five star reviews and listings. Nova App features prominently on the most notorious so please don’t believe any of them for a moment. This is nothing but a horrible little scam – believing it to be anything else is the first step to financial ruin.


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Conclusion :- The Nova App or Nova System is SCAM !! 

You may have guessed by now that we don’t like the Nova App! It’s basically the lowest common denominator when it comes to binary trading scams. The entire service is based on nothing but fabrication, using every single trick in the book to dupe fresh investors. In more positive news the Nova App is so absurd in regards to it’s claims that it kind of automatically discredits itself anyway. Currently we’re seeing more and more scam review sites that try to market themselves as being the elite of legitimate services, say offering a 94% score rate rather than the industry standard of around 85%. Fortunately Nova App is ultimately let down by it’s own greed. No matter what though, avoid these scammers at all costs!


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