There are plenty of Nova Star App Reviews available on the internet and while reading one of them, I felt very fishy. This pushed me to check the registration details and after a few minutes of research, I found out that the website is made by no one other than the person behind Nova Star scam. So here is my detailed Nova Star App Review which is written after testing it through all possible ways. The Nova Star App software is the perfect example of why two wrongs never make a right! Regular readers will remember that we exposed Nova Trader not too long ago, and this is pretty much just a clone of that old scam with a few extras.

That being said it’s important that we perform our due diligence, so as ever we’ll approach this Nova Star App review from the assumption that we’ve just stumbled upon it for the first time. As will be made very clear as we unravel the web of lies and nonsense that the Nova Star App website uses to lure fresh victims, this is a horrible scam that is, unfortunately, doing the rounds on social media as we speak. So read on for all the evidence you’d need for why nobody should ever dream of installing the Nova Star App scam.

Nova Star App Review: Michael Newberry Is A Familiar Scammer!

Let’s make it clear from the start that the bottom of the barrel ‘actor’ playing the part of Michael Newberry has been exposed before, unsurprisingly on the sister scam’s website. We delved around pretty deep just to ensure that this character was indeed entirely fictitious and can say 100% that there is not a trace of evidence of this guy existing. All we could find with his name and anything binary trading related were links to his scam sites, with Nova Star App being the most recent. So who is really behind this scam?

A bunch of crooks that’s who! Quite where they are actually based is very difficult to ascertain as servers can be rented pretty much anywhere. After a little digging about it appears that most traffic concerning the Nova Star App review  website is between India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Indonesia. Whether they’re potential victims or the home of the scammer’s servers is impossible to say, but given that a couple of those countries are famous for online fraud is more than enough to make me very wary indeed!

Nova Star App Website Spreading Nonsense.

Anyway, we already know that this is a scam but let’s go through the reasons why. According to the classically trashy Nova Star App promotional movie, investors (victims) who pledge $250 in startup capital are certain to make a minimum of $5250 every single day! Now wonderful as that sounds let’s explain why this is actually impossible.

Firstly you cannot make that outlandish sum every single day because the markets are closed on weekends. So that kinda scuppers the every single day garbage. Secondly, the Nova Star App review website claims to have been designed by ‘Newberry’ and his handpicked team of Wall Street financial geniuses, making it’s entirely automatic trading platform win 100% of its trades. That’s right, this scam is so brazen it won’t even drop a couple of percentage points to make it look slightly more plausible. Quite simply no trading software in the world is infallible – the best legitimate programs do well to average in the mid-eighties. The Nova Star App is the utter antithesis of a legitimate program!

Nova Star App Scam

Fake Earning Report Of Nova Star Scam!

Yeah right! Let’s close our eyes for a moment and imagine a fantasy world where the Nova Star App does actually perform as advertised. Is there any realistic scenario where that software would be given away for free? Would the people who created it even consider selling it – I know I wouldn’t! Free money for life sounds wonderful but there is no way on earth there’s anyone out there making a penny via this nasty little scam. 840 victims is sadly a very plausible figure, and hopefully, this Nova Star App review will reduce that number from growing too much higher.

As would be expected the Nova Star App website and promotional video feature plenty of testimonial from these supposed individuals raking in $5000 a day. These are all fictitious. The scammers have just paid someone a few bucks to write some testimonials, ripped/stolen some stock profile pictures from across the web and slapped them across their website. None of the people featured on Nova Star App scam will have the faintest clue of who Nova Star is or what binary trading even is.

Nov Star App Is Associated With Un Regulated Brokers!

Returning to our fantasy world, let’s say we go crazy and actually pledge our minimum start up fund of $250 to the Nova Star App. Given that Nova Star App software is entirely free surely there must be a catch somewhere? Yes, there is – you see they only serve as a partnership service to put you in touch with one of their mysterious partner brokers who will oversee your trading. This is exactly why fully automated trading must always be approached with a huge amount of caution, as 99% of the time it’s a scam.

When activated, this untraceable broker – who could very well be the scammers behind the Nova Star App website themselves – will go haywire and you’ll lose all your funds. Pretty poor performance for a supposedly full proof app, and no matter how much you complain you’ll never stand a chance of getting that money back because the truth is that it was never traded in the first place. The Nova Star App scam software instead channels your funds into an untraceable scammer account while making it look like you’ve lost it on trades. If you ever hear anything back from them when complaining it’ll be a request for more funds!

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Conclusion: Nova Star App Is Nothing Less than a Scam!

It’s been clear from the very beginning of this Nova Star app review that it’s nothing but a clone of an already operating scam, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Choosing to trade with these crooks is nothing but a recipe for disaster. As mentioned above the unfortunate news is that at time of writing Nova Star App scammers are already spreading themselves out via thousands of spam emails alongside fake social media and Nova Star App reviews through fake websites. Remember that the operating costs for the Nova Star App scam are next to nothing and the potential returns from just a few victims more than enough to make their enterprise profitable. So be forewarned and if you see anyone you know sharing it about – be sure to warn them right away!

Nova Star App Review :- Scam Unveiled With Evidences !!

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