"What is the number 1 secret to making money online?" is a question I get asked a quite a lot. I think it is a fair question to ask, it's something I asked when I first started out trying to make money online. So to save you seeking me out and asking me personally, this article will disclose what the number 1 secret to making money online is.

The secret is actually very simple. Surround yourself with as many successful Internet Marketers and successful Internet Marketing communities as possible. Do not waste your time trying to get rich quick. Surround yourself with success.

It works in the same way as working out with somebody who is much fitter than you. Just to be allowed to work out with them you will have to show massive determination at the start to work hard and learn all they teach you about nutrition and exercise. Then, after time, you will not only be as fit as they are, but you will also have the same level of knowledge. You could then even train somebody else to be as fit as you are now!

Making money online is no different really. The secret to being able to make money online faster than anyone else is to get yourself an Internet Marketing coach, and also to be actively involved in an Internet Marketing community. In the example of working out I used above, it works because you are involved in a peer group which is giving two massive benefits.

ONE. They are providing you with positive peer pressure. This is one of the best things an up and coming internet marketer could have. The pressure to better yourself is a huge benefit you can use to make money online. Definitely better than any of the negative peer pressure you get from anywhere else. The positive peer pressure will be especially productive when coupled with the second benefit below.

TWO. Your coach and your new community will provide you with the exact knowledge you need to be successful. Your coach will be a wealth of knowledge and motivation for you, and that is their job. Your community will provide the same because that is what a good community does. They help and support each other.

So if you are positively pressured into taking action on the knowledge you know will ensure your online business will be a success, then you will make money online, no doubt. This scenario is a win win for everyone involved, and that's exactly how business should be.

Source by Carl David Ashton