Trade Details:

20 RUT 1280/1270 Credit Put spreads 0.55 Credit ($1100)
 7  RUT 1470/1480 Credit Call spreads 0.95 Credit ($665)


2/50 IWM Unbalanced Long Strangle. Strike prices 130/148
0.74 debit for each of the 130 strike Puts
0.06 debit for each of the 148 strike Calls.
Total debit paid: $448

Net Credit: $1317
Days to Expiration: 43

Profit picture:
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A RUT Chart for future reference and self-study:
The below chart screenshot was taken few minutes after order entry and RUT had started to decline.
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For details about the management of Unbalanced Elephant positions consider an membership, where there is also material that discusses how to put this type of position in small accounts too.

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