Organization is a major problem for anyone with an office. How do you get the most out of your time? Well, believe it or not, it has to do with where things are located in the room.

For instance, let's suppose that you have a file that you need to work with each day. If that file is located in a filing cabinet clear across the room, you have to keep getting up and down all the time to get it or put it away. That's why priority placement is so important.

One way to guarantee that you're putting things you need near your workspace is to maximize your storage. For instance, if you have the space, invest in an L or U shaped desk and a rolling desk chair. That will allow you to quickly spin and access many more things than if you just had a small rectangular desk.

Also, it helps to get a desk with built in drawers or filing cabinets. That way, you can place those things that you need most often in drawers or cabinets at your level and other things in drawers that are down by the floor or on overhead shelves or shelves in another part of the room.

Another part of that is general organization. Be sure to prioritize all paperwork, for example. Deal with it as soon as it comes in and place it in the appropriate files or drawers. That way, you'll always keep your work surfaces neat and you can make better use of your time.

Source by Tim Bailey