To commemorate USA’s first Space Walk 40th anniversary, Omega Speedmaster, the only one who passed strict tests of NASA and the only one companied spacemen to land on the moon, launched “Speedmaster Space Walk 40th Anniversary limited edition” to commemorate the achievements and contributions which Omega has made in chrono for space adventures. At the same time of USA’s restarting moon exploration, it was very significant for Omega to launch this new edition. It is limited to 2005 pieces in the whole world. Suggested retailed price is 2965USD.

Actually, Omega has had a close relationship with space exploration for several tens of years. As early as in 1962, in Sigma VII of NASA, a spaceman had worn an Omega Speedmaster bought by himself when he was on the mission. From that on, Omega Speedmaster began to combine with space exploration. This year, except for celebrating the breakthrough which USA had made in space history, Omega’s presentation on Speedmaster Space Walk 40th Anniversary limited edition also shows that Omega’s excellence in chrono.

The distinctive feature of Speedmaster Space Walk 40th Anniversary limited edition is that Gemini IV badge is carved with color at the bottom of Sapphire Crystal back, with the names of spacemen McDivitt and White and the words of “First Space Walk 40th Anniversary” and the mark of limited edition as well, which indicates this great background in a excellent way. 

The watch dial design of Speedmaster Space Walk 40th Anniversary limited edition means something more: the blue dial represents the earth color seen by Edward White(one of the members in Gemini IV) when he walked in space for the first time. The blue dial matches 30minutes and 12 hours silver chronographs, and the sign of times”1965-2005″ in red just comes under the “name” at the 12o’clock position, which has a great value of memorizing. The characteristics of Speedmaster are being shown everywhere, such as the blue watch bezel with simple speed measuring markers, nightlight hands with rhodium coating, stainless steel chain band of concise styling. What attracts us most is the lacquer coating of “OMEGA” which is above the “name” and 12 hour markers with rhodium coating, which adds some more extravagances to this new wristwatch, making this special Speedmaster more distinctive and have a high value of collection.

Source by Bill Clinton