Chinese traditional furniture is a kind of art. They are graceful works that worth collecting. Chinese furniture has a long history. Early in the Shang Dynasty more than 3000 years ago, there were fine bronze and stone furniture. Furniture in the Song Dynasty is famous for its artistic quality all around the word.
There is a famous Chinese Traditional Furniture Street beside the ancient ship canal in Beijing, which is called Gao Bei Dian. Foreigners like there. They can see different kinds of Chinese traditional furniture there, such as antique screen and traditional big square table with dragon or phoenix on it. Nowadays young western people are nostalgic. To them Chinese traditional furniture is fashionable and attractive.
In Beijing, there are more than ten Chinese traditional furniture markets like Gao Bei Dian, such as Pan Jia Yuan Second-hand Goods Market. It is a holiday market. When holiday comes, it will be full of people. Of course there are many foreigners among them. The First Furniture Street of Ming and Qing Dynasty is located in the eastern suburb of Beijing. Models of houses, rooms and furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasty all over the country are gathered there. These markets show Chinese furniture culture to the world.
However, if you can’t go to Beijing in person, where can you find such dramatic things? Made in China will be helpful.
Look at this table. It is a piece of antique furniture. It is of Tibetan style and completely hand-made. Artists print it with their oriental tastes. Tibetan culture is a characteristic part of Chinese culture. It is old, unique, wild and magnificent. This table will give you a special feeling.
There are also other kinds of antique furniture, such as kang, Chinese wedding bed, kitchen Cabinet with lattice window and nice -carved round table.
Then, how to choose Chinese traditional furniture? First, you should choose valuable old furniture. That means the furniture made between Ming and Qing Dynasty. This period is the peak of Chinese traditional furniture manufacture. The quantity of such furniture that kept now is limited. Therefore, the price will always increase. Second, you should notice their material. If they are made of rosewood or red sandal wood but very cheap, they must be fake. Moreover, a material is divided into upper-scale and down-scale. So you have to go to a factory or shop with a good reputation.
If you only like them, you don’t have to distinguish whether they are true or not. It is OK if they are durable and beautiful. If you collect furniture, you have to have enough experience or ask for an expert for help.

Source by Red tea