Everyone knows about the auction sites, that you can go one and list your items for a profit. The biggest downfall to these sites is that people go to them expecting to find a bargain. This means that you are going to have to lower your asking price or your item will never sell. Still people flock to them because most think that auctions are the only way that they can push their products to the online shopper.

Online malls are the alternative to these auction sites that few sellers know about. An online mall is a place where sellers like you are brought together and giving your own storefront online. These store fronts work much like the auction stores that you own, except you do not have to worry about undercutting yourself when you price your merchandise. Much like the auctions sites you will be given your own personal link for your store front and you are free to promote it in any way that you see fit. Remember the more the link goes out the more potential customers that you will bring in.

There are perks that come along with deciding to choose and online mall as opposed to an auction site. We have already discussed one of them people that people will not expect to find work bottom prices. The other of the bigger perks is that most sellers do not know that online malls exist. This is wonderful news to you. Your competition will be a lot smaller in an online mall than it would an auction.

Source by Samuel Austin