Online Instructor Jobs sounds pretty intimidating, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, you are way more qualified than you might think. Everybody is an expert at something, and even if you’re not, no problem!

You don’t have to look very far before you find someone who has been laid off from work, or is otherwise without a job. So naturally, people are looking for ways to make money at home, and in particular online. But what about these online instructor jobs?

What do you like? I mean what do you like to do when you don’t have anything else competing for your attention? I know that never happens, but just pretend. Some people like cooking and baking. Others enjoy hiking and camping. But whatever it is you like, you can talk about, right?

Imagine for a second if you could get paid to talk about the very thing you love doing in the first place! Wow, that would be great. So here’s what you could do. Let’s say you had some experience selling items on ebay. Well a lot of people are intimidated by the very idea. So how would you tell somebody how they should get started selling items on ebay?

Write these steps down. Make notes to yourself, and recall your own experiences. Then head over to your PC and start writing it all down. Put it in the form of an outline, with step-by-step instructions. Add an introduction to the topic, a page about yourself, and a resource page at the end. Save this file as a .pdf file, and guess what you just published your first ebook!

Now to really make this one of the best online instructor jobs, we’re going to add video. There are several screen capture video programs out there you can download for no charge. Take what you just published in your first ebook, and demonstrate it on the screen. As you move from page to page, item to item, you are recording what you see. Of course, you can add your own voice over the video to help guide the viewer.

Now look at you. You’ve got your own ebook and video course on selling items on ebay. Do you think you would be considered an instructor? Do you begin to think of the many different subjects where you could now be the virtual professor? So what if you don’t know anything about a particular subject? Guess what, right now you are sitting in front of the greatest research tool known to man – the internet!

As you begin to consider the many different online instructor jobs you could pursue, you will have lots of questions. For example, how should I promote my product, how much should it cost? So it’s important to align yourself with professionals who are available 24/7.

Source by Anna Kowalski