The internet is powerful and has been producing rich people every day. People succeed online and make thousands of dollars each day. Making money on the internet is often called internet marketing and you can do it with no money out of your pocket. How come?

You can sell another person's product, here it's called the merchant, the company you work with. And you're called affiliate marketers as your job is to send good quality traffic (visitors) to the merchant's website.

How you'll get paid is like this: you send the visitors through your link (a special link which will given to you by the merchant) and when the visitors make a purchase you'll get your commission. The commission of 50% – 75% is a commonplace. It means, when you're selling a product worth of $ 50, if you're promoting a 75% in commission you'll get about $ 375 to your account.

Where do you find a product to promote without spending money? The common place to find it is called, where the most products to promote are digital products. There are thousands of digital products you can find, and you'll get an account which will take care of the tracking on your affiliate URL. You'll get paid approximately every 2 weeks to once a month. Need money to promote a product from ClickBank? No, it's absolutely free. Also, using ClickBank is easy.

So, is it that simple to do internet marketing? Yes, it is. Do not make it more complicated regarding the concept of internet marketing. So, what's your job in internet marketing? To drive traffic. How is that? Yes, to drive traffic is not easy, it's our job. Driving high quality of traffic needs skills and knowledge about internet marketing techniques. It's not enough to send traffic as many as possible to get sales. How is it probably written there that "it's not enough to send traffic as many as possible"?

You're now looking for the best information about how to make money online (and you're reading it now). What would you do if your search result appeared as "How to make dog food and to make your dog healthier"? When someone clicked it, this is called traffic, but will it convert to a sale? Absolutely no.

So, the conclusion about internet marketing is not as simple as what we're thinking, moreover about driving traffic, high quality traffic, and convert to a sale. The bad news is that lots of people are being misinformed out there by wrong techniques and the way to make money online. Lots of people out there are being scammed too of buying poor performing techniques that does not work well. Be aware of it. Lots of website is only an online money game. There's no succeed coming overnight, you need to have some work on it.

Source by Anggo J