Online businesses are some of the fastest growing businesses in the world. Take for example Amazon, which grows from selling just a few hundred books a month to a multi-billion dollar business. This is just one of the numerous websites that are exploding in growth online.

But is the internet a practical place for the average joe to make money, or does it require a tremendous amount of luck? We think that if you just follow a few easy steps, not only will you reduce the risk of getting scammed, but you will also find your success dramatically increasing.

1. If you find yourself spending much more money than you're making, or if a program requires you to spend $ 1000 to join their "exclusive" money making group, stop. Do not be a victim to these scam artists, who have perfected their predatory ways.

2. Myth # 1: It makes money to make money. We at Joe's say that if you can not make money without money, you can not create money with it. Find ways to increase your revenue without spending a dime.

3. Spend time every day working on your business, even if for just fifteen mintues.

4. Do not just rely on one author's advice. Research a particular claim before testing it out. What one author says may be out of date or even worse, just a scam. Knowledge is power and the more you gain about internet marketing, the better off you will be.

5. Learn from your competition. Your competition is by far the best teacher you will ever have. Do not copy their exact methods, but learn how you can improve on what they did.

6. Patience. Online marketing is just like any other business, it is not a lottery. Sucess does not happen overnight. However, great success can happen and you can be a part of it. Good luck.

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Source by Tom Brown