Opening Up OptionsHawk Trials for Q4, Annual Membership Deal

OptionsHawk has not offered Trials the past three years due to our desire to keep the membership area exclusive and limited. As I take on new projects to expand the offerings for the site we will be opening up Trial plans through the end of 2019.

Trials are available for 10 trading days at a cost of $50. We do not offer Free Trials as it attracts a lot of unwanted members with no real interest in becoming a future full-time member.

Sign-Ups can be done here:

This move comes ahead of plans to raise membership prices sometime in 2020. I have kept the monthly plan costs static for a decade while the cost of every tool I use rises each and every year, and now upcoming costs for web programming projects continue to add to expenses. My plan is to “grandfather” in any current member on a recurring plan at the time of the price increase effective date.

In the coming year I hope to finish some transformational projects to the OptionsHawk website. These include:

  1. Stock-Ticker-Specific Pages tailored to traders with integrated visual analytics, fundamental and technical research, any mentions from the Hawk Trading Hub, Live View from the OptionsHawk Notable Trade Database, Option and Volatility Stats, Custom Co. Descriptions and Business Breakdowns, News/Events, Sell-Side Research Reports, Valuation Breakdowns, Earnings Insights, and more.
  2. Hawk Research Portal – Specific research portals for Macro, Central Bank, Breadth/Sentiment, Thematic Investing, Earnings, Industry Breakdowns, Economic Data, and Insider/Institutional Research
  3. An enhanced OptionsHawk Database that not only has live data such as current price, open interest, etc., but also auto-generates reports daily for notable open interest changes.  It also will have custom filters and utilize live data looking for opportunities in notable positions based on various parameters.
  4. OptionsHawk Monitor – A new product where users can create custom ticker portfolios and receive alerts live via text, email, etc. whenever the ticker is mentioned in the OptionsHawk Trading Hub whether it be options activity, earnings related, technical triggers, or news-related.
  5. New OptionsHawk Tools – In the early stages of developing new tools such as open interest scanners and option scanners with pre-set filters and live data.

New Members are also eligible for an Annual Plan option at the cost of $3000 for 12 months, a savings of $600 (basically two months free), and also going to offer a custom designed OptionsHawk T-Shirt I will send to any new Annual Member sign-ups. Contact me at for details on how to receive this price. Shirt Design shown below.



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