Before you risk more than your hard-earned money read this very urgent review regarding the Option Robot Pro SCAM! Almost identical to the WatchDog Approved OptionRobot, Option Robot Pro is nothing more than another Option Robot rip-off! Unfortunately, this isn’t the only Option Robot impostor we have caught pretending to be a variation of the original auto trading system. Claiming to generate a higher winning percentage between 82 to 90%, the expectations created by Option Robot Pro are demanding and a tall order to fill. Read our review to learn to facts about the Option Robot Pro trading software and why we blacklisted them as a scam!

Compared to other Option Robot impostors like Xpress Money Bot and Free Robot Signals, the Option Robot Pro stands as a much more credible version of the legitimate OptionRobot. Hosted at, Option Robot Pro appears as a legitimate upgraded version of the original OptionRobot trading software found at Due to this reason, countless binary option day-traders have become a statistic from falling victim to this viral scam. Don’t believe the fake reviews or the phony “live” trading videos!

Option Robot Pro Auto Trader – How It Works

It is very important that we clarify that Option Robot Pro and the approved Option Robot software do not share the same trading mechanics or settings as one another. Option Robot Pro, essentially a cloned version of the Option Robot software, is meant to appear authentic and as the upgraded version of the Option Robot. Claiming to use the same 6 technical indicators: Trend indicator, RSI indicator, Williams indicator, MACD indicator, CCI indicator and STOCH indicator. Don’t be fooled though, although the scam marketers behind Option Robot Pro would like you to think those trading features are available they truly are not! Or at least they aren’t profitable that is!

Option Robot Pro Feedback – Our Experience

Our experience with the original Option Robot trading software far exceeded our expectations. We had great returns and the feedback generated by our subscribers was amazing. In fact, due to the high demand, we published a must-read OptionRobot Guide for online traders. Perhaps one of the main reasons why this scam has developed such a nasty reputation in a short amount of time would be due to investor feedback. Operating only in tangent with brokers that are unregulated, if you sign up and deposit with Option Robot Pro just know you are doing so with some of the worst scam brokers.

Brokers that are unregulated are not only illegal to invest with in many jurisdictions but we have received many complaints of horrible treatment received by some investors. Traders reporting the inability to withdrawal funds, unauthorized credit card overcharges for hundreds of extra dollars along with exposure of personal and financial information. Our question for you to ponder would be, why put yourself though all that misery? This would be one of the reasons why doing your research prior to getting committing with a software is absolutely crucial to your success with binary options!

Option Robot Pro Review – SCAM AT LARGE!

The positive reviews are ALL FAKE! The “live” trading videos are rigged and created by misleading online marketers. Don’t become a statistic to another Option Robot rip-off! It is evident that Option Robot Pro is a get-rich-quick scheme and a binary options software scam! Nothing about is authentic and unless you want to lose a minimum of at least $250, we do not recommend this binary options auto trader to any one! For safer alternatives, visit WatchDog’s Tested Signals for binary options along with our informative Forex guide.

Review Verdict:  Option Robot Pro is a SCAM!

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