OptionRobot is singularly the best and legitimate trading software available in binary options trading. In our original OptionRobot review we have gone into extensive detail on how the software works.

It is evident, that this software is not the average scam software that we often come across. Actually, it is possibly the most accurate software that we have come across. This is especially so because of the various options that the software scans. The OptionRobot review also details how the software analyzes different trading strategies.

Results speak for themselves. When investors discuss their trading results on blogs, forums, and YouTube, it is strong evidence that a software works. Traders who have used the system properly have achieved great success using the OptionRobot App.

The reason that we are giving this new OptionRobot review is that we have found that this software will give you a great increment on your income. We have discussed with traders at length.  Trading with OptionRobot is proving to be a great supplement to monthly income for many.

We recommend that you read this OptionRobot review to the end. – You will find many tips, tricks, and guidelines on how to use the software successfully in order to see trading results.

One of the more important things to note when using any software is the correct use of settings. The purpose of this OptionRobot review is to help understand how to use the best settings in order to achieve the highest possible results. Financial freedom is a state that many traders seek. Sadly, many are swamped in the mire of scam software systems that claim to make you overnight millionaires. This should be an eye-opener to anyone.

Let us be realistic, you cannot become a millionaire on a $250 deposit. However, with a good software system like the OptionRobot App, you can expect to improve your monthly income.

OptionRobot Review – Distinctive and Beneficial Features

Finding the best settings for the OptionRobot App is not as easy as it looks. The software is very complex. It has more than 130 settings that a trader can use in order to choose his special trading style. Although this is undoubtedly a big advantage to any trader who wishes to test the software, it also means that life can get complicated!

Therefore, for this reason, we have decided to break this down to a more simple formula that is directly based on customer feedback.

Naturally what works for one trader may not work for another, however, there is a common denominator for many strategies. Of the most common denominator, we have concluded that traders who are using the New York trading session are having better results than the Asian or the European session.

The hot assets which have high trading power such as the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, and USD/CAD yielded the higher accurate results. Other currency pairs that involved the highly volatile Japanese Yen, were, in fact, giving less accurate results. Here are some recent results from one of our subscribers who sent in his performance report.

OptionRobot Review

What is the Success Rate for OptionRobot Review Reveals

In a recent article, we wrote about Binary Options Trading – we explained in detail, that you need a minimum of 65% winning trades in order to make money trading binary. This is because the broker will only pay out anywhere between 75%-80% of your winning trade. In practical terms, the broker needs to make money. So the more you trade the better for the broker cause he gets your 25% cut. On the other hand, it means, that you need more than 65% winning trades in order to see a profit.

Out of our 5000+ subscribers, we have received phenomenal feedback. The success rate with the OptionRobot software has been 70% or over.

Tricks to OptionRobot Trading Results

However, here is another important trick to note with Option Robot results. The secret for many who have achieved success has revolved around trades that have been “turbo” trades. This means that trades that have been taken using the 3 to 5 minutes expiry (another great option allowed by the OptionRobot) have seen higher in the money results.

Using the Fibonacci method generates much better accuracy results. As you know from our original OptionRobot review, you can use this classic indicator along with RSI, Stoch, and MACD indicators.

OptionRobot review

Here is another tip for using the Option Robot software for getting better results. Although Trend and William %R are great indicators, they have not given the same results as the indicators mentioned above.

In the chart below we are showing how another one of our subscribers has achieved 80% success rate using OptionRobot during the London Stock Exchange session – with the very short term trading option. As you can see the software has been used to take 5-minute trades or even lower. In this case, our subscriber was trading more Eurozone friendly assets which including GBP/USD and USD/CHF.

OptionRobot Review – Sydney Tokyo Session Least Profitable

As we continue revealing the best trading strategies using the OptionRobot review as a measure, we find that the Sydney/Tokyo session has produced the lowest amount of successful trades. At just 65% win rate, it is not highly recommended. Those subscribers who are testing out the software for the first time should be advised to invest in better trading hours.

OptionRobot Review – Conclusive Recommendation

OptionRobot.com is a software that can be operated both manually and as an auto-trader. Given the overwhelming feedback we received from real traders using the software, and the tests which we have made ourselves – here are some very important points to make sure you follow:

  1. It is recommendable to use the software as a Manual Trading Signal Software rather than an auto-trader. The reason is that the software performs better at one trade at a time. Another reason is that you keep control over the financial status of your account. Finally, manual trading gives you the opportunity to enter at the best entry rate.
  2. Ensure to consult with the economic calendar before you trade. High volatility can be a devil. You do not want to invest during political events or important news updates which can send the market flying in opposite directions.
  3. The market indicators offered by OptionRobot are excellent tools to use. However, use the same type of indicators in tandem and not against each other. If you are new to trading and are not sure how to use same style indicators, we recommend that you head over to our “Sheriff University”
  4. Invest wisely. Although we are all anxious to make money, and the faster the better, Risk Management should always be a top priority with your account.
  5. Absolutely avoid the “Martingale Method”. If you do not know what this is please read our article “Is Martingale Method Gambling?” Do not risk your investment. Never chase losing trades.Option Robot is not scam

OptionRobot Conclusion and Final Thoughts

OptionRobot is not a new software to the binary options market. The fact that it is still available and used diffusely by traders is tangible proof. OptionRobot is one of the best trading software systems. However, the feedback that we have been receiving from trading subscribers is by far the strongest proof that OptionRobot review endorses the software.

Fine tuning is the name of the game in this case. And this is the reason why we have dedicated this article for the correct use of the OptionRobot settings. Following the best trading strategies that we have listed above will definitely cut out a lot of time wasting strategies understanding what works best.

A final word of advice about trading binary and forex. Trading remains one of the easier and most liquid ways of making money online. However, you need to be aware that there is plenty of scam systems leaked into the market. They reason they are leaked is to get you to deposit your hard earned cash and proceed to lose it. Trading can be profitable, but it can also lead to losses. Therefore never trade money that you cannot afford to lose.

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