News Flash: Kids like books, real page turning paper books

It is not a secret that kids need to be able to read. It is also not new and shocking news that to be able to read books, magazines and access to stimulating web media needs to be readily on hand. The last bit of obvious news reported here is that in today’s technology driven world our children are online more and more -and they enjoy it. The real news for many parents is, according to their children, that reading for sheer enjoyment books are in order. Usborne books, scholastic books, library books: it really doesn’t matter what kind of books, kids just want actual books to read.

Hard copy

A new study conducted by Scholastic in conjunction with TSC in 2008 found that 75% of children between he ages of 5-17 want to read actual books printed on actual paper, held in their actual hands. This desire is expressed even as the children themselves acknowledge that they want hard copy reading material no matter what they might find available to them in the vastness of the online world. This data was released in the 2008 Kids & Family Reading Report. The study goes on to report that a further 62% of the children studied state they prefer to read traditional books to any other form of book.

That is great news for book publishers, but what does it mean to you, the parent? It means that books are in vogue and seem to be staying that way. Parents who really want to motivate their children to read need to keep books on hand. This can be easier said than done.

Making the most of a good thing

While expressing a preference for reading hard copy books, it may not mean your child will become a bonefide book worm simply by placing a stack of books in his or her bedroom. This is where the other shoe drops. Parents still need to encourage reading, for education, enjoyment and relaxation purposes.

So how do you do that? One way is to start early. Toddlers might not have the attention span to sit and listen to the whole of Moby Dick on one reading, but they do enjoy cuddles for a few moments while looking at a colorful board book. Let your kids choose the book, to read and order. Usborne books and scholastic book orders a great way to get kids excited about books and reading is a natural outgrowth of that excitement.

For older kids give books as gifts. Match books with your children’s interests, talents and abilities. You can order Usborne books and other books online to satisfy a child’s computer itch while filling their desire for hard copy books. Small consistent efforts to expose your children to reading opportunities pay big dividends in confident readers.

Source by Heather Sneed