Outsource to India – Today India has become a hot destination for Provide a Outsourcing Services in IT companies across the World

In India, BPO and It Growth is also on the boom as the demand of IT services from the house of India is increasing. Companies are now not just focusing on lower cost services but they are also increasing and developing with latest technologies of the marker for better Offshore Outsourcing services. In India retail services and market opportunities are also very promising and have growing future ahead for IT Outsourcing.

The difference among the rates fixed for the employees is just phenomenal. Where an IT worker in Britain charges ₤100 an hour, an IT worker on the other hand charges a laughable amount of ₤20 an hour. But the savings on Outsourcing don’t add to the profit line much, thanks to huge upfront investment costs and years of fine-tuning.

The job pays well but it is extremely demanding and monotonous. The salary ranges anything between 7.5 – 10,000, but its 24*7 work environment takes a lot out of the employees. But yes the one thing that is tremendous is the employment avenue it has created. So many young graduates work in call center these days under different capacities, voice/non-voice, technical, and transaction etc.

In India Many U.S. and international companies maintain that outsourcing business processes such as customer service call centers, administrative and accounting processes to low-cost and low-wage countries like India helps to keep down their own cost of doing business.

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Source by Maggie Tran