No, picking up girls at the mall isn’t just for teenagers and college kids. I don’t care if you are 65 years old and collecting social security, there are still lots of eligible women waiting for you to pick them up down at your local shopping mall.

Have you been to the mall lately? I go often, and you know what? There are always at least a few good looking women walking around down there. A big high-class mall though, that’s like a freaking gold mine of women, when you know what you’re doing…

So, here’s the basic procedure I use get numbers and “insta-dates” down at the mall:

1) Prepare your look. No matter where you are, if you are going to be picking up women you need to be clean, have stylish clothes, a good haircut and fresh breath. These should be obvious.

2) Get into Mmmm. Mall Make-out Mentality Mode or Mmmm is the name I came up with for the best mind-state for picking up chicks at the mall. Basically, you just need to be in the mood for fun, the mood to go get some new sneaks, or get some Sbarro, or pick-up a girl at Footlocker and take her down to Cheesecake factory for a chocolate martini.

When you are in Mmmm, you’re in a hedonistic state, you are just totally enjoying your surroundings and not worrying about anything.

3) Body-language and eye-contact. Before you open your mouth and say anything to them, women are aware of you and have a gut reaction based on how you carry yourself and look at them. If her gut-reaction is bad, there’s almost nothing you can say to make her feel attraction, so this is important. Here are the basics:

a) Move in a slow relaxed way with your head up and shoulders back

b) Put a little swagger in your step (but don’t over do it or you’ll look like a tool)

c) When you catch her eye, hold her gaze until she looks away

d) While you are looking into her eyes, think happy and sexy thoughts

4) Approach her like it’s no big deal Obviously, you don’t want to act nervous here or you’ll goof up. So, don’t start thinking about what’s going to happen or what you want to happen. Instead, just smile, walk up to her and ask her a simple question like “Hey, excuse me, do you know if there is a Starbucks around here” while smiling at her and giving her a confident sexy look in the eyes.

You don’t need to worry about having a smooth line. Just ask her something simple and see how she responds. If she isn’t interested she will answer quickly, and then look at you like, “Okay, have I answered all your questions? Can I go now!?” And you can dismiss her.

If she looks you in the eyes, smiles and answers more leisurely, then you may have a live one. From here it’s just a matter of acting normal, and treating her like a lady. See what her story is and what she is doing with the rest of her day. If she’s free take her to the bar at Chili’s and from there let nature take it’s course.

Source by Jake Vandenhoff