Free iPhone of Any Color!

that’s’s right, for a while is letting you choose what color of iphone you can get for free! Thousands are getting happy about this free iphone offer because its different to the rest. For when you get to selected a colored iphone that’s not available anywhere else!

1st, select the color you want. They have a large choice of all shades. Clearly you’ll notice that there are many colors that you cannot get elsewhere. Currently you can only get a black or pink iphone, but this lets you choose between a few shades of blue, black, orange, red, a few shades of pink, gray, and white! Quite a lot of options!

2nd, Enter in your zipcode to resume. This is to make sure that the offer is available in your neighborhood.

third, Enter in your name and shipping information. Without this they will not be in a position to contact you when they’re ready to ship the iPhone and they won’t be able to ship you the phone without your address! So don’t fake this information!

fourth, Fill out the surveys about yourself and interests.
5th, chose a few free trial offers to fill out. These can be canceled at any time so that you never get charged!
6th, you are done! You’ll have to allow some weeks for processing and then you’ll get your free iphone! It could not get any less complicated than this!

Despite all the attempts that competitors have made to out do the iphone, no one has succeeded. Apple continues to blow everyone else out of the water with their sophisticated technology and systems. So that the idea of getting a free iphone that normally costs about $400 is pretty cool

exploit the free offers out there and get your free iphone today! And you might as well get a coloured iphone while you are at it!

Source by Mrs Forex