As a Prepaid legal associate, you may be wondering what the most effective strategies are for generating leads for your Prepaid legal business.  You may have tried networking in your warm market, trying to get your friends and family to get interested in your Prepaid legal business.

You may have also tried purchasing leads from various lead companies.  What you have likely discovered is that these strategies lead to frustration and disappointment, simply because they don’t work for most associates.  This is why most people not make much money in their Prepaid legal business.

So, what does work?  How can you generate up to 50-100 leads every day?  My advice is that you learn how to use the internet to generate massive exposure for your Prepaid legal business. In particular, I recommend that you learn how you can use social media marketing and web 2.0 technology to build your business. Here is a basic outline of strategies that work:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube video marketing
  • MySpace
  • blogging

Each of these strategies has a learning curve, but it is totally worth your time to learn each of them.  If you know how to leverage social media, the potential is unlimited. You’ll attract way more leads than you ever thought possible.  The beauty  of this system is you ‘attract’ qualified people; you don’t go out and chase them.  You position yourself as a leader.

This is an overview of how you can create massive success for your Prepaid legal business. Most of your success will boil down to your ability to generate leads. Web 2.0 is by far the most powerful way to go.

Source by Matthew Sunseri