Pricing guns and labels have a major use in the retail and industrial sector where they can be used as a means of information. This information allows the customer to digest everything about the item, almost immediately.

Personalised labels

In the retail sector having your price gun labels personalised with your shop name, address and telephone number helps to establish a brand and promote yourselves to all customers. Also for repeat business if a product has a personalised label on it, the customer will always return for more, knowing where they bought the particular product from.

Price Gun labels

Price gun labels are generally plain white but many companies use coloured labels as a stock line – yellow being a very common colour option.

Pre-printed labels

Pre-printed labels are often very generic to a lot of customers. For example in the retail sector popular pre-printed labels are – Price, Special Offer, Sale and Reduced. In the industrial sector some of the most common pre-printed labels are Use By, Best Before, Batch No, and Production Date.

Guns for your labels

Popular labels include Sato products due to their long history in the industry, however to approach a wider market place you might want to consider Lynx Pricing Guns and Puma Pricing Guns. These pricing guns also have a use in the industrial sector where they can be used as labeling guns for applications such as Batch Coding, Date Labeling, Use By and Best Before Dates, Identification labels and Inspection Labels to name a few.

Source by Jenwa