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NFL season is here! Get in on the action!

WagerPerHead was formed in order to offer affordable solution to take your bookmaking business off-shore and boost profits. WagerPerHead ensures that you will have time to focus on player recruitment and development. Price per head, Sportsbook, Sportsbooks.

The bookmaking business has moved into the 21st century, your business needs to adapt and capitalize on the flexibility of the Online bookmaking business model. Price per head, Sportsbook, Sportsbooks Price per head, Sportsbook, Sportsbooks Don’t pass up a great opportunity. WagerPerHead is not changing the basics of the bookmaking business; we just make it a lot more profitable for you.

WagerPerHead understands that change is difficult and that is why we give you the first week at no charge. Price per head, Sportsbook, Sportsbooks WagerPerHead™ software will allow your players to experience a Vegas-style sportsbook, casino, and racebook from the comfort of there computer.

As a price per head bookmaker, Price per head, Sportsbook, Sportsbooks you have to keep your eye on your business at all times. WagerPerHead™ allows you to see all your clients’ activities, from straight bet, parlays bets, totals bets and everything in between.

We have the newest and most cutting edge software anywhere. Price per head, Sportsbook, Sportsbooks WagerPerHead call center and sports agent service is fully licensed by the Costa Rican government.

Having your own sportsbook, Price per head, Sportsbook, Sportsbooks casino and Race book has never been this easy! Send us a e-mail or give us a call and we will be happy to help you get started and answer any questions. Become part of the online bookmaking business today! And

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