Profit Harvester System software is quite possibly one of the very worst BO trading platforms that we have ever seen, period. The fact of the matter is that we are promised tons of cash, high ITM rates, and pockets lined with gold. The reality is definitely very far from any of that. Sure, you can make a good income trading binary options or Forex, but that is not the case when you have a terrible trading system.

The problem with this Profit Harvester System trading software is not that it doesn’t work well, it is that it does not work at all, nor was it ever intended to. This is just a big empty shell filled with false hope and lies. There is nothing legit, trustworthy, reliable, or profitable about Profit Harvester System scam software. Make no mistake about it. This program is not here to earn money for you, but to earn money at your expense. We are here doing a Profit Harvester System scam review and you definitely need to hear what we have to say.

Who Is In Charge Of Profit Harvester System Software?

The first thing that we always want to know about any trading service is who is involved. Who has their fingers in our money? Well, unfortunately, this question remains wholly unanswered as far as we can tell. The website for Profit Harvester System scam software gives us absolutely no useful info in terms of who is running the show. We don’t have any contact details, nor do we know in which country this scam is even located in. That is a big problem no doubt. An even bigger issue is that the presentation video for this ridiculous trading platform comes to us with some voice narration.


This is something that we truly hate and it makes us extremely suspicious right from the get go. If these guys had a legit business, they would want to advertise who they are, not hide their identities. The only reason these crooks have for remaining hidden in the shadows is because they are criminals. They know that what they are doing is illegal, so they choose to remain anonymous for fear of persecution. If you lose your money, which you surely will, you will have nobody to complain to and nobody to blame.

How Does The Profit Harvester System App Work?

Yet another query that we never get a solid answer to is how Profit Harvester System software actually works to generate an income for us. Yeah, we are informed that this BO trading program uses highly advanced and sophisticated methods to increase profits and decrease the risk of loss. Well, that sounds really dumb to us, not because would technically not be a good thing, but because that is an obvious thing that all trading services should do.

Saying that Profit Harvester System software reduces the risk of loss and increase profits in response to the question of how it makes a profit, is like saying a dog is a dog because it is a dog. It is just totally useless and nonsensical. These criminals are telling us that it works, not how it works, which is beside the point that it does not function at all. We want to know what kind of trading strategies are in place, what methods are being followed, and what kind of algorithms are being used. The explanation we are given in terms of the inner workings of Profit Harvester System is absolute bull crap.


Profit Harvester System Scam Software & Fake Testimonials

The funny thing about this cash grabbing scheme is that the only people we do ever get to see are total frauds. There is a large section with Profit Harvester System user testimonials where everything and everybody is totally fabricated. First off, the reviews are way too positive to possibly be real. Also, we realized that the images of the people who left testimonials were just stolen from picture databases and combined with fake names.


These people don’t really exist, they have never used Profit Harvester System software, and they certainly have not made thousands of dollars with it. This is just a cheap trick and a giant lie meant to sucker us into forking over our hard earned cash. It is really disappointing when a program that looks promising at first turns out to be such a huge bust.



Profit Harvester System App & Bad Brokers

Something else that clearly signifies this software as being fraudulent is that there is not a single reliable broker in sight. We are told that all of the brokers involved with Profit Harvester System scam software are licensed, regulated, and one hundred percent trustworthy. Well, surprise, surprise, none of those statements are true in the least. The brokers involved with this program are not regulated, they are not licensed, and they certainly are not trustworthy. We have gotten several complaints from people who had money go missing out of their accounts.

The only people that have the power to steal right out of your trading account are the brokers. These guys are located in financial safe havens that make it impossible for you to take any legal recourse against them. They have the power to steal your money out from under your nose. Once you deposit any amount of funds with them, you can rest assured that they will disappear faster than a banana in a monkey cage.



Profit Harvester System Scam Review Conclusion

The bottom line about this program is that it is a total rip off. Profit Harvester System scam software has one express purpose, and that is to steal your money. Everything you are told about this program is a complete lie and intended to trick you. Once these horrible people lure you in, you will invest money, and they will steal it. This is a scam and you need to stay away from it at all costs!





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