The IM With Jamie affiliate marketing system is supposedly the best and easiest way to make money online. However, we know this is not true and we know that it is a scam. There are plenty of scam factors that you need to know about, so let’s get this IM With Jamie scam review underway right now.


Im With Jamie Scam


IM With Jamie System – SPELLING ERRORS!

Just to kick things off, let’s talk about the obvious spelling mistake here. Ok, usually we would not make a big deal about a spelling error, but this is a scam, so we may as well bury it with as much info as we can find. The IM With Jamie system, as you might notice, is missing a little something. Either it needs to be I AM or I’M, but not IM. It might not seem like a huge deal to some, but to us, it is just an early warning sign about this affiliate marketing scam.

These crooks expect us to trust them when they cannot even master proper English grammar and spelling? It’s a total joke. Folks, if you come across any kind of affiliate marketing program or any other kind of scam that is rampant with mistakes that a 5 year would not make, just stay away from it. It is obvious that the IM With Jamie program was made by people that are barely literate. Based on that, do you really expect these brain dead liars to help you make any money at all?



One thing that we also noticed right from the beginning was the whole limited time offer trick. The claim is that you only have a certain amount of time before the IM With Jamie system is no longer available for a really cheap price. Apparently, if you do not sign up for it right now, your opportunity to become filthy rich by advertising junk sold on Amazon will be gone forever.

Folks, this is nothing more than a pressure tactic used in marketing, one meant to make you sign up for something before you take a closer look and consider the consequences. There is not a limited amount of time to sign up with IM With Jamie software. Besides, it is a rip off now and it will be a rip off whenever the bogus time limit expires. It’s just a huge load horse manure, stinky, filthy, horse manure.


Im With Jamie Scam



IM With Jamie Affiliate System – 50% COUPON ACTIVATED GAG!

We actually came across another marketing pressure tactic used by this IM With Jamie affiliate scam. Right at the top of the home page, the it says 50% COUPON ACTIVATED. Well, the site itself claims that this program costs something like $24 to use. So, does the coupon turn that into $12, or has the coupon already been applied? This would make the original price of the system closer to $50.

Either way, the whole coupon thing is just another trick, a scam tactic, one that you often see used in infomercials. These crooks try to make you think that you are getting a good deal on something, when the exact opposite is the case. Seriously, the IM With Jamie system involves taking affiliate marketing advice from a guy that looks like the human embodiment of a heroin needle.


Im With Jamie Scam



IM With Jamie Scam System – JAMIE IS A FRAUD!

Perhaps the most telling aspect of this IM With Jamie program which reveals it to be a scam is Jamie himself, or at least that is the name he has chosen to go by. The man in the video, who goes by Jamie, looks like he just spent the better half of the last decade smoking pot and committing crimes. It’s not a good start by any means. Now, let’s take into account that this Jamie Lewis character has absolutely no social media presence, or any online presence for that matter, and things get really suspicious really quick.

This man even goes out of his way several times to inform us that the IM With Jamie program is not a scam and that he is not a paid actor. Well, both of those statements are blatant lies. He is a paid actor and we know it for a fact. He tries to convince us otherwise by showing us his rented house, his stolen cars, and his doctored tax receipts. Ok, so the cars might not be stolen, but they certainly are not his either, this much we know with absolute certainty. This guy is a fraud and the IM With Jamie system is fraudulent without a shadow of a doubt.


Im With Jamie Scam



IM With Jamie Affiliate Program – HIS ADVICE SUCKS!

Ok, even if Jamie were a real person, the advice he provides is nonsensical, outdated, and it just sucks in general. None of the so called helpful info provided here is helpful in the least. It is all a massive load of crap and it holds to merit whatsoever.

The advice given here can be found online for free. Yes, that is right, you can find better advice on YouTube or Google free of charge. Instead, with the IM With Jamie program, you are paying a bunch of money for advice that does not work. Learning about affiliate marketing here is like going to clown school to learn about oral surgery.


Im With Jamie Scam




The other thing that needs to be said here is that it is just not possible to make any money with the advice provided by the IM With Jamie app. You don’t get a website, you don’t get real access to affiliate programs, and you won’t make any money, period. The advice sucks, the affiliate programs don’t exist, and the fake results shown on the website are Photoshopped. Nobody has ever or will ever make money here.


Im With Jamie Scam


IM With Jamie Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, there is nothing left to say about this IM With Jamie program other than that it is a rip off. It is a scam meant to relieve you of a few bucks. It may not seem like much, but if these crooks scam hundreds or even thousands of people, the small entry fee starts to add up real fast.




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