There are many profitable forex signals available to forex traders through any good charting package. There is also a lot of hype on the internet at present regarding different automated systems that claim to completely automate your forex trading with an unrealistic success rate.

One of the major successful attributes of a forex trader is the ability to control ones emotions while in a trade, the ability to stay in a trade when it has reversed against you 20 pips. This is probably the only attribute that automated systems that do display profitable forex signals have gone in there favor is the fact that they take the emotion out of trading.

The one thing that automated trading systems can not do is manipulate your trades to make your profitable forex signal optimized by adjusting stop losses and limited orders while in a trade. It is a fact that the forex market is the most volatile in the world and it is not just a case of setting up a trade when it passes a certain support or resistance level and exiting with a profit every time.

So profitable forex signals claim to be down to the attributes of a successful forex trader and what works for the individual. With such tools available like moving averages, pivot points, Fibonacci levels and Bollinger bands it is purely a case of trying different methods with a demo account until one is found to be profitable overall.

Due to the increased interest in forex trading there is a wealth of free information available on the internet that can teach the basics. From there you can develop and test your own profitable forex signals in a real market environment with a demo account. It is recommended you attempted this method first before attempting automated forex systems.

Source by Adam Woods