According to many Coinsrobot Reviews that is present on the internet today, Coinsrobot investment program is an extremely ambiguous cryptocurrency investment ‘opportunity’ that we have to warn everyone to stay well clear from. Despite having been running for over three months, no effort appears to have been made to add further details or content to their incredibly vague website. Likewise, it seems (thankfully) that the whole Coinsrobot cryptocurrency investment program has pretty much already sunk without trace.

Despite a lot of looking around, we couldn’t find anyone online with much to say – probably because even the most novice investor would be put off by the appalling quality of their site. Despite this, there’s always the chance that Coinsrobot scam may still loot someone so just in case you may be tempted – read on for all the reasons why nobody should invest a penny here.

Coinsrobot Review- Is It A Profitable Investment Opportunity Or A Scam?

Before we explain the reality of Coinsrobot scam, let’s take a look at what these guys claim to be offering. Apparently, they have access to a super high power automatic trading bot that is already generating amazing profits for thousands of clients. These Coinsrobot returns are delivered thanks to their team of elite standard trading professionals who collectively generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit every day for their clients. Anyone who matches the minimum deposit for their tiered investment programs (more below) will earn 3-4% daily profit on their capital.

CoinsRobot Review

Sounds pretty great, right? It certainly would if there were any Coinsrobot ROI proof that this was actually the case! The reality is that Coinsrobot is a Ponzi scam – and a very poor quality one at that.

The Coinsrobot Website Itself Is A Big Lie!

How can we be so sure? Let’s start this Coinsrobot review with taking a look at the website. It would be understandable for anyone with some magical way of exploiting Bitcoin markets to keep their secrets close to their chest. However, they provide literally no explanation whatsoever on how they make their money. The Coinsrobot investment website logo suggests that they perform some kind of mining, but then why base their claims upon trading on the markets?

Don’t expect any answers from the Coinsrobot website promotional video either. This extremely poor quality presentation spends literally every second promising incredibly consistent and long-term earnings – especially for those willing to place a serious financial commitment. Unlike most other crypto scams they don’t even bother to saturate their movie with meaningless crypto jargon. Quite clearly this is because they have nothing whatsoever to do with any form of investing/trading/mining Bitcoin.

Instead, they seek merely to attract as many new members as possible. The Coinsrobot scam website claims to have recruited 838 new members on the first day we visited their site a few weeks ago. Upon returning for the purpose of writing this Coinsrobot review, it is a remarkable ‘coincidence’ that yet again they claim another 838 new signups! This is, of course, total nonsense and merely a lazy and pretty desperate tactic to try and appear as if they are actually a respected platform.

CoinsRobot Results

Coinsrobot Investment Plans- Are They Really Profitable?

Call it either an HYIP or Ponzi – truth is that in this instance there’s very little difference. Their pricing system makes it pretty clear that they are aiming towards trying to attract smaller scale investors rather than those with money and experience. For a minimum $100 deposit clients are promised a very respectable 3% Coinsrobot scam investment profit a day. At the other end of the scale, invest $10k and they assure a 250% return within a month. Will they actually deliver on these promises? No chance!

As explained earlier in this Coinsrobot review, we’ve absolutely zero confidence that they have anything like as many members as they claim. After all, they suggest that they receive around a thousand new signups every day – but also that they have over 5,000 current members. Given the gap between our visits, they ought to have tens of thousands of members by now. There is absolutely no proof that they have any members at all! All this suggests to us that they are instead just harvesting up untraceable deposits (payable only by BTC or LiteCoin) and just never paying out.

The problem – and it is a good one – is that as outlined at the top of this Coinsrobot review, we couldn’t find any anecdote (positive or negative) from any of these supposed thousands of members to their experience of using this system. All this suggests is that Coinsrobot scam has fallen flat on its face and is no more than a failed Ponzi.

Is Coinsrobot Cryptocurrency Investment Program a Scam?

That ought to be enough to explain why nobody in their right mind should pay Coinsrobot investment scam a second glance. However just in case, someone may be dreaming that this is a ‘secret’ investment opportunity that does deliver on its insane promises, let’s take a look at a few other red flags that I found during this Coinsrobot review.

CoinsRobot Scam

Starting with their regulatory status – they claim to be based in the UK. Unlike many other crypto scams that have recently hit the scene, they do not even both to provide a useless company registration number to support this claim. Of course, there is also no address details, zero information on who runs/owns the Coinsrobot scam website and contact details are limited to email only. Still tempted to trust these anonymous guys with hundreds of dollars?

We don’t swallow any of their claims of even being based in the UK. The actual website is written clearly by someone for whom English is a second language, littered with grammatical and spelling mistakes. Their ‘rules’ section may as well have been translated via Google. Sure, the promotional video features English speaking actors but that’s totally worthless when it comes to proving the provenance of a website.

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Conclusion- Do Not Let Coinsrobot Scam To Loot Your Money!

In all truth, we’re not totally certain that Coinsrobot cryptocurrency investment is a Ponzi scam. When you look through the structure and design of their system, it is just as likely that it is a total confidence trick. After all, clients/victims are basically transferring their money to a bunch of shady characters who just need to convert those funds in BTC, give them a tumble and walk away. There’s no recourse for complaint, zero legal protection for the users, and quite frankly anyone who falls for the Coinsrobot scam has only themselves to blame. Even by crypto scam standards, this is a truly appalling effort.

The good news of this Coinsrobot review, of course, is that even though Coinsrobot investment company is still online it appears to have achieved very little in the way of exposure. Hopefully, this means that the crooks running the Coinsrobot scam haven’t managed to steal too much money yet, but given how cheap and easy it is to set up such scams it is unlikely to vanish anytime soon. It doesn’t take many victims to make a profit – and nobody knows that better than those running the Coinsrobot crypto scam.

Coinsrobot Review : Profitable Investment Opportunity Or A Scam?

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