If you want to know more about the pros and cons of video game rentals online, then you should definitely read this article. It will be able to enlighten you on some of the basic advantages and disadvantages about this online service, thus helping you make a decision whether or not to sign up for one, just in case you’re interested.

The video game consoles that are now out in the market are costing gamers up to $300.00 to buy. The average price of a video game can reach up to $60.00. With these kind of prices, you cannot blame people for trying other alternatives just to be able to continue playing their favorite games. Renting video games online can offer gamers a huge convenience, as well as lower their expenses. However, these services are not for the average gamer, so there are a few disadvantages, too.

Renting video games from online companies can be very convenient, indeed. It is perhaps for this reason that several websites are flourishing in this industry. The selection of games in these online stores are extensive and can reach up to thousands of games. The popular formats are supported, too, like PS2 and PS3, Nintendo Wii, and the Xbox.

If you order a game you want, the delivery times usually range from 1 or 2 days, so you don’t have to wait long. You also enjoy the convenience of having access to game manuals, cheats, and reviews.

The subscribers in these video game rental services are able to enjoy huge savings as compared to the rates they have to pay if they choose to rent from a local shop instead. It has become the standard in this industry that online video game rental services do not impose late fees for the games that their subscribers rent out. You can play your games for as long as you like!

The membership fees are usually lower, too, when you compare them to your local video game stores. And if you do want to buy a game instead of renting them, you’ll be able to get them at a much higher discount.

However, these services are not for everyone. Even if you are an avid gamer, perhaps it would be better to think twice before signing up. Perhaps you are not one of those people who play games every single day. If you don’t play games more than 3 or 4 times a month, then you won’t be able to get the most benefits out of these services.

For some people, even waiting for 1 or 2 days for their games to arrive may be unthinkable. What if you get the sudden urge to play a game this very minute? Delivery times of 1 or 2 days are fast enough for online video game rentals, but they might not be fast enough for you.

Lastly, some video game rental online services may charge their subscribers for membership fees even if they are not actively using their accounts. People who rent only 1 game a month will sometimes have to pay their full monthly dues. It’s advisable to use your subscription to the fullest when you sign up, or else you could be wasting your money.

Source by Mawe Barrios