Are there any, I hear you ask?

Well yes, indeed there are – and here are a few to get you on your way!

1: Sell stuff on internet auctions – this is fun and easy as well as profitable, and you'll be surprised what people will buy! All of us buy clothes we decide we do not like, shoes we barely wear and electrical items we never use, and what about gifts that you did not want? Sell ​​them – it's cheap, it's easy and it's money!

2: Take part in online surveys – despite what you might have told these are real and they pay! In the days before the internet a market researcher would call at your home or accost you on a street corner – not any more; these days they send you surveys by email, you complete them online and you get paid. A couple of hours a day doing these can be very lucrative indeed.

3: Start a blog – the internet phenomenon of the current age, blogging is a sure fire ay of making money. It's not the blog that makes money, however, but the adverts that go with it; you need to get on some affiliate programs and, each time time one of your readers clicks on that ad, you get money.

The methods for making money on the internet are many and varied, but remember there are no real get rich quick schemes; each needs commitment and time, and each needs some thought and application. However, once you've done the groundwork the money begins to come in!

Source by Jamie Hunter