So in addition to trying to save money, you might also want to try to generate some more income in your life. Now, for whatever reason, going out a finding a second job may not be an option. Maybe it is because of family concerns, maybe your primary job won’t allow you to, or maybe you just don’t want to work a second job, but you want to try to make some money. I have a few solid suggestions for you. They are basic, simple and fast, and can easily be fit in to the busiest of schedules. And also, basically, the more time you are able to invest in them, the more money you can make

I will go over two of the easiest first. One is filling out surveys on the internet. Of course, there are millions of sites out there that do this-not many are worth your time if you are trying to generate extra cash. Most offer no incentives at all, some offer points to be added up over time that can be redeemed for prizes. And most of the sites that do this, offer so few points for each survey completed that it is really not worth your time. Now, time management in life is an entirely different issue, but the way I see it, you want to generate extra money in your life in the most time effective way possible.

Basically, how they work is that you sign up, fill out some brief biographical info and they begin sending you surveys based on your biographical make-up. When I first started doing this, I probably subscribed to 5 or 6 different sites. I later narrowed it down to only two over time.

One site gives you a varying amount of points based on the type of survey, and you can redeem your points for cash or other prizes as they add up. Most surveys are actually fairly interesting to do, some not so much, but it can eventually generate some decent cash for you over time. I made about $100 last year from this site alone.

The second site is even better. They used to offer $5 per survey, but I think it is down to $3 per survey now, with a chance at a weekly drawing for $500. But still, this is actually pretty good. Now, this ides is not meant to generate millions for you, but if you fill them out consistently it can create a decent amount of money for you over the course of a year. Also, from time to time they will actually send you products that are being tested (they’re not even on the market yet) so this part can be quite fun. I have tested many things myself over the years, from disposable razors to canned soups, and some other foods.

Another way to REALLY start making some money in your spare time to consider starting your own business. If this sounds pretty daunting, it is not as big of a project as it might seem. The possibilities are endless, and if you approach it correctly and are committed and fairly talented in at least one area (aren’t we all in at least one area?), then it can be quite profitable.

Source by David Bakke