Binary options can indeed be very lucrative, but not when you use a scam program like Raptor Robot software ( Sure, people can earn hundreds of dollars every single day using a good BO trading service. The problem here is of course that Raptor Robot trading software is not one of those good programs. The website for this scheme looks good at first glance. They certainly use lots of visuals and have a captivating color scheme, but that is about it.

Once we began a closer analysis of this trading program, we realized that it is actually full of crap. There are a whole lot of big claims and bold promises made about this software, none of which are reliable or true in the least. We are told that this is one of the world’s best trading services, yet it does nothing to back it up. In this Raptor Robot scam review we are going to be covering all of the important bases. There are a lot of truths that you need to know about, things that can save you a whole lot of time and money too.

Who Is At The Head Of The Raptor Robot App?

By now, you probably know that we would never trust a trading program that is anonymous. This is exactly why we can’t possibly rely on this particular trading system. Raptor Robot software never once tells us who is in charge of it. Heck, the website does not even give us the usually crappy presentation video that we have gotten so used to. Hey, we know it’s all for show, but if these crooks are going to scam us, they could at least try to do a better job of it.

Not once are we given the name of the person or people in charge of this giant shenanigan. We are never given a company name or any other entity name which may own this program. We are never even given any contact info to refer to either. This is all very suspicious to us and is technically already more than enough to scare us away for good.

You see, there is only one reason these clowns choose to stay anonymous and it is because they are avoiding legal fines and a prison sentence. They know darn well that their actions are highly illegal and considered to be both fraud and theft. They are choosing to stay hidden in the shadows so that no one can blame them once money goes missing. These guys are shifty crooks. You can be sure of that!

A query doesn’t help as well since the people behind are using an Identity Protection Service as can be seen below:

How Does Raptor Robot Trading App Work?

Yet another question that we want a solid answer to is how the Raptor Robot app actually works to generate money for us. The problem is that the explanation on the website is so convoluted and nonsensical that we just don’t know what to make of it. It’s all just a load of jargon, and financial rhetoric meant to sound fancy and appealing. In reality, it is all just one big empty promise.

At first we are told that this software uses 3 main trading methods, those being classic, Fibonacci, and the Martingale system. Okay, so first off, saying that this software uses “classic” trading is totally meaningless. There are hundreds of different trading strategies, so which one is the classic one? Oh right, we know, the classic one is the one which helps you lose lots of money real quick. Moreover, for anyone who knows about binary options, you will know that the Fibonacci and Martingale systems are both designed specifically to help you lose your money even faster than with the classic mode.

Next, we are told that this is a fully automated system. If by that they mean that your money gets lost automatically, well then they are totally right. However, we are then also told that we can combine dozens of different trusted strategies into one comprehensive algorithm. Well, that makes no sense at all, especially after telling us that Raptor Robot software only uses the classic, Fibonacci, and Martingale trading methods.

So which one is it? Do we use those 3 methods or do we combine our own? Also, if we combine our own trading methods, do we need to know about programming and algorithms? This all just seems way too complicated for us. It really seems like these crooks are just trying to throw a bunch of senseless info at us in the hopes of confusing beginners and having them hand over their hard earned money. One thing is for sure and that is that Raptor Robot scam software is not ideal for beginners, plus we have this strange feeling that it probably doesn’t really make trades at all.

Raptor Robot Scam Software & Shady Brokers

Yet another clear indication that this is a scam is in relation to the brokers being used. You never get a choice of broker, which is already bad enough, but even worse is that all of the brokers are totally fraudulent. None of them are licensed or regulated, which means that they are not technically allowed to handle your money.

This is like buying cold and flu medication from your local marijuana dealer. Sure, they sell all kinds of drugs, but that does not make it legal. These brokers are there for one and only one purpose, that being to drain your trading account. You can rest assured that these brokers will empty your trading account the second that you deposit any investment amount. These guys are crooks and their aim is to steal from you.

How Much Money Can Raptor Robot Generate

Another disputable aspect of this ludicrous trading system is that it has a supposed ITM rate of 90% and up. Well, wouldn’t that be nice? That would mean that every 9 of 10 trades made by this ridiculous program would be winners. Obviously that cannot be true. Even the best trading systems out there cannot come up with those kinds of numbers. It just is not possible. There is always going to be risk involved in trading with binary options and Forex.

However, this trading service claims to be able to virtually eliminate that risk. Well, unless this system has the power to accurately predict the future, like a hallucinogenic fuelled Greek oracle, it can never achieve an ITM rate of 90%. This is just another bold faced lie meant to lure us into the fold, just so the shadowy crooks behind Raptor Robot software can steal our investment. These guys are thieving crooks and that is the truth.

Raptor Robot App & Fake Testimonials

Perhaps one of the most absurd aspects of this weird program has to do with the Raptor Robot user testimonials features on the website. The testimonials or results, as they are called, are way too good to be true. As is the case with things that seem too good to be true, they always are.

The testimonials are obviously fake as they use generic names, and they only list a first name such as “Jason.” Moreover, these lazy scammers did not even bother to add in some stolen stock images like other more persistent scammers do. It literally says “Jason made $2,400 today… believe us please!” Okay, so it doesn’t actually say that, but it may as well. This is just another thing that completely scares us away from this bogus trading system.


At the time of posting this, Raptor Robot was not very popular. Its rank was a sad 2,875,555. Most of its traffic is comprised of people from the UK, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and the US, according to SimilarWeb.

They do offer an affiliate program in which they pay a very nice fee to people for promoting their product. This explains why more than 80% of their traffic is referral traffic. There also seems to be a small advertising campaign on Facebook which is responsible for about 2% of their traffic.

Raptor Robot Scam Review – The Verdict

The verdict here is obvious and it reads something like this, SCAM! Raptor Robot scam software is very dangerous, it is malicious, and it is out to suck you dry. Just like a vampire sucks out your blood, these crooks suck out our money right out from under your nose. Stay away from this epic thievery of a BO program because it will cost you everything that you choose to invest with it.

Review Verdict: Raptor Robot is a SCAM! 

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