Why is this Tesler 2 Review important for you? There are many reasons. Tesler 2 App is the rather unimaginative recent rebranding of the notorious Tesler App that ripped of countless numbers of naive investors in 2016. Don’t be fooled into believing this is somehow an improved version of the flawed trading software. It is exactly the same ‘product’ as before and the Tesler 2 scam seeks only too conclusively part all investors from their funds! Don’t believe a word these crooks say. There is simply no way that it’ll generate a ludicrous $208 per hour with a trading success rate in the very high 90’s. As we will conclusively demonstrate in this Tesler 2 Review, it’s a pure and total scam that anyone in their right mind wouldn’t dream of trading with.

Tesler 2 Review: Tesler 2 Scam by Stephen Abraham Busted!

The actor pretending rather unconvincingly to be Mr. Abrahams, the alleged CEO of Tesler 2’s parent company, makes the ludicrous assertion that he is formerly one of the hottest investors on Wall Street. His nickname was ‘The Midas’ because he was apparently as generous with his money as he was great at making it. Let’s start off this Tesler 2 review by completely debunking this drivel.

You can bet that someone with that nickname would have a prominent online presence. After all reputation and profile are part and parcel of real world stockbroking. Funnily enough, we couldn’t find anything whatsoever about ‘The Midas’, leading us to conclude that he’s totally made up. Just to confirm this we also performed a search for ‘Tesler Investments’ and surprise, surprise, there’s no company registered with that name. Our hunch is that the crooks behind the Tesler 2 scam actually misspelled ‘Tesler’ for the famous ‘Tesla’ brand named after the famous scientist/inventor. What we can say for certain is that this is a totally fake company with a fantasy ‘CEO’.

Tesler 2 ( TWO) Software Shows Bogus Earning Chart

So already it’s clear that Tesler 2 software cannot be trusted – after all, it’d be crazy to deal with some guys who invent a false company and employ a cheap actor to play the role of ‘The Midas’. Now let’s take a look at these ridiculous earnings projections.

Apparently, the Tesler 2 review App will make traders a US dollar millionaire within six months, losing only one trade in a hundred and raking in at least $200 an hour. All that’s required is a $300 minimum initial investment to deal with their mysterious ‘partner brokers’. If that sounds too good to be true, well we hate to break the bad news but it’s absolute nonsense. There is no way on earth that the Tesler 2 tool will ever generate those kinds of earnings. No legitimate trading software in the world can.

An interesting fresh take from the Tesler Two scam is that they claim to limit single trades to a maximum of $85 per time. This is blatantly false because during the movie presentation they have (equally falsified) trading performance screenshots showing the majority of investments are $200+. As for that supposed evidence that Tesler 2 website constantly makes amazing profits, check out the closing value of the trades as compared to the amount invested. The majority appear to show a big green ‘WIN’ but with amounts returned to the trading account comfortably lower than the sum actually invested!

Tesler 2 System

This oversight – of not even being able to Photoshop properly – really serves to sum up how little respect whoever is actually running the Tesler 2 review platform has for their clients/victims. No lie is too little to convince people to blindly take a punt on depositing with them – and of course, that’s the last that will ever be seen of those funds.

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Don’t Believe Tesler 2 App Testimonials & Fake Positive Reviews !!

As with most binary signals scams, Tesler 2 is more than happy to write their own Tesler 2 reviews. They use a supposedly latest member during the marketing video who obviously feigns delight and wonder as ‘Abrahams’ demonstrates the app. On top of this additional actor (no expense spared with this scam!), they use a combination of Fiverr performers and fake profile pictures stolen from other websites. Just reverse image search them to see demonstrable proof.

Of course, every one of these testimonials claims to have made tens of thousands of bucks in a matter of weeks, which is demonstrably not actually the case at all! Take note that like plenty of recently released trading scams Tesler 2 website has gone to serious lengths to work up it’s SEO and publishes fake Tesler 2 reviews across the web and social media. Obviously, Tesler 2 software isn’t even worth a single star but on the Google rankings, there are a couple of high ranked rogue five-star reviews that feature on notorious sites paid to promote binary trading scams. The same is true for social media exploits and of course the good old fashioned mass email spamming campaigns. Simply don’t believe any positive comments about Tesler 2 App – it’s just as bad as the first edition.

Tesler 2 Scam

Does Tesler 2 App Work ?More Evidences Revealed !

Not at all. Any sensible trader should always look to use trading software provided by a company that is legitimately regulated, has extensive contact details, customer support and masses of historical performance data. Tesler 2 Review system provides none of these essential features. This is why their victims stand absolutely no chance of recovering their money once the phantom ‘brokers’ (who may well secretly be Tesler 2 themselves) abscond with the funds. The Tesler 2 Program is notorious for appearing as if the funds are being lost via bad trades when in actual fact they are simply being siphoned into the broker’s untraceable account. It is then likely converted into cryptocurrency, ‘washed’ and then withdrawn.

The Tesler 2 review software is notorious for appearing as if the funds are being lost via bad trades when in actual fact they are simply being siphoned into the broker’s untraceable account. It is then likely converted into cryptocurrency, ‘washed’ and then withdrawn. Tesler 2 scammers are totally untraceable. They provide no information as to where they are actually based, and any request for information via the single generic email address featured on the Tesler 2 website is either met with silence or a suggestion that you invest. No way will they tell you where they or their servers are located.

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Conclusion: Tesler 2 App Is a Complete Scam!

With any luck, this Tesler 2 review will have emphatically demonstrated that under no circumstances should anyone even contemplate investing with Tesler 2 system. It has all the hallmarks of a typical binary trading fraud, without any of the features one would expect from a legitimate signals service. Make no mistake investing with these scammers will only have one outcome – you will lose every penny.

But then the Tesler Two scammers don’t care what people who are experienced in binary trading think about them. They/we aren’t the targets. Instead, they opt to prey upon people with zero knowledge about how these services should work, blinding them with insane claims of trading effectiveness and fool proof profits. Sadly that isn’t how binary trading works – if it were you can bet that everyone would be at it! So to conclude please stay away from the horrible little Tesler 2 scam – your wallet will thank you!

Tesler 2 App Review :- Re-Branded Tesler Two Scam Exposed !!

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