Most business coaches do not go near talking about fears and doubts, but my experience has shown me these lower level energies are extremely cruel to address if you are serious about being an Entrepreneur.

First step? Embrace that these emotions are valid and completely understandable.

As an entrepreneur you've chosen to really stand on your own two feet. You are a renegade. This is very different from working for someone else. The objective is not about ignoring or hiding from these feelings; It's simply about managing them when they appear. To pretend they do not exist or get down on yourself when they show up just keeps you stuck in the low-level energy of these emotions and further away from your success.

One of the best ways you can manage your energy around fear is to have a clear, powerful vision of what you want. Great success stories start with a compelling vision that pulls you forward, even on those days when you are feeling very doubtful about your business.

So then, you have to ask yourself-what's my vision?

Too many business owners float along, believing they do have a vision, when in reality, they do not. I often hear things like: "I want to transform people's lives." This is not a vision. If you REALLY do want to transform people's lives, then your vision must be clear, focused, and electrifying! It's gotta get your heart pumpin 'and specifically zero in on how you will serve the people you are meant to connect with.

Another example I often hear sounds like this, "I want to get more clients." Again, this is nothing more than an unclearly spoken minor goal. This lack of clarity is a true "Come on in!" For all those fears and doubts. The vaguer you are, the more room for the mind to say, "You can not do that." We're outta here. "" How can you ever go to make that happen?

Here are 7 steps to focus your vision and move it from your head into your heart:

Clear the Decks Step # 1: Look At How Fear Has Affected Your Business Actions

I do not recommend owning here, but we do need to have an understanding of where we've been to get clear about where we want to go. So take some quiet time to connect with yourself and go inside.

List ways fear and / or doubt led you to under-value, sell-out, or give away your services in the past. Just let the list flow and resist the temptation to get down on you. You are going through this so you can do it all differently the next time around.

Clear the Decks Step # 2: Look at How Fear Has Affected Your Business Speak

One of the biggest blocks that I see facing entrepreneurs is a resistance to talking about what you do. There is a fear of being asked, judged, called out as a fraud, or jumping ahead and assuming the person you're speaking to doubts what it is you have to say. The thing is, if you do not tell people what you do, then no one will know about it. I know that sounds silly and obvious, but it's true, right? It's like throwing away a gift before you've unwrapped it. You do not even know what it is, but you've determined it's no good.

It is a MUST to shift the vision around how you speak about what you do. So let's start by listing times when fear and / or doubted the way you spoke about your services in the past.

Clear the Decks Step # 3: Look At How Fear Has Affected Your Productivity

Entrepreneurs can be experts at appearing busy. They check email, move papers around on their desk, run errands, research websites, and have coffee meetings. At the end of the day, not one action has been in support of the growth of their businesses. This is about hiding. You tell yourself that you're busy, you tell others you're busy, but when it comes down to it, we know we're avoiding what really needs to be done. And that's about putting ourselves out there.

Let's be honest. List ways fear programmed your productivity in the past. It is the best way to move through it all. The relief and success on the other side is so worth it.

Clear the Decks Step # 4: Put the Fear Pieces Together

Looking back at the 3 lists you created, what can you identify as your main fear? What are you afraid of?

There is usually one main thread that connects it all. One big "yikes" that we're convinced if that happens it will be the end of us.

What is that for you?

Clear the Decks Step # 5: Connect the Doubt Dots

Looking back at the 3 lists you created, what are you doubtful about? This is the sticky part. This is the part where most folks want to jump ship and blame it all on outside stuff (my work area is a mess, my family does not support me, it rained today), so they get stuck, totally stalled in their tracks.

It's tempting, I admit, to want to abort. My coaching request here is … do not. Every time you doubt yourself, go back to your vision and ask, if not me, then who?

Clear the Decks Step # 6: Make Peace

What are some ways you can begin to make peace with your doubts and fears?

First, start by looking at why these little buggers are showing up. Are they trying to protect you? Is it natural to want to stay with what you know? Did this path work for you at some point in the past?

Thank them for the messages of guidance they are giving you. Every time you feel a 'pang' of fear or doubt, it's a message something is off track from your vision. So you gently guide yourself back. Give yourself some powerful self-talk (I CAN do this!) And begin releasing the fear as you put one foot (or one toe if you need to start there) in front of the other.

Clear the Decks Step # 7: Make a Choice

What do you want more: fear or success? If you chose success, clearly state WHAT you are inspired to create. So instead of the loose "I want to make a difference" story, envision something state-of-the-art, specific, juicy, dripping with the details of what excites you and attach a time frame to it. Go for it!

How does that feel? Now, what are you willing to do to create that?

Your Call To Action

1. Find someone you can speak to about these entrepreneurial doubts and fears. Be very conscious about who you choose. Often individuals who do not have their own businesses can not completely relate, even if they are one of our closest companions. Ask for support. Ask for accountability.

2. Put this into consistent practice.

3. Continue to develop techniques that are easily available to you, which you can reach out and grab onto during times of fear and doubt, which can help to restore your energy and confidence.

4. Accept this road will become smoother, but it will be constant. As an EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur, you are on a constant road of growth and expansion. Better to embrace all that comes with that; Otherwise, you'll stay right where you are in all areas.

EnergyRICH® Hint: Oh, and prospects smell fear and doubt from a mile away. You want to step up to be present to those you serve and for yourself. The result is extremely powerful.

Source by Heather Dominick