Bitcoin mining can be very profitable indeed, or at least the BTCOnline system would like you to think. This mining system claims to provide massive ROIs on a daily basis, yet offers no proof of such. This is our BTCOnline scam review and we are here to warn you about the very real threat which this Bitcoin mining scam poses to your financial security.


BTCOnline Scam


Perhaps the first and biggest telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here with this BTCOnline system is the fact that it is completely anonymous and faceless. Nowhere on the website are we ever informed of who is in charge here, who owns this system, or anything else of relevance. As far as we can tell, this Bitcoin mining pool is totally anonymous and totally lacks any kind of transparency.

Of course, this is a really big issue. These guys want us to send them our Bitcoin, so they can use the money to mine for more cryptocurrencies, yet they will not even tell us who they are. Folks, do you really expect this to the trustworthy at all? We surely will not be sending our Bitcoin stash to these faceless crooks. The only reason why they refuse to tell us who they are is because they are thieves. Their one and only purpose is to steal Bitcoin from people, so they obviously do not want us knowing what their real identity is.

Moreover, the BTCOnline mining program also consists of a fake and unregistered company. For one, companies like this need to be registered and licensed to engage in this kind of business legally. However, of course, there is absolutely no evidence that this Bitcoin mining company is legit in the least. It is not registered nor is it licensed, making it completely illegal and fraudulent. Moreover, the contact details provided on the main website are totally bogus too.


What is quite laughable about this BTCOnline mining scam is the amount of ROI that these crooks promise. Sure, being able to rake in 0.08 Bitcoin every single day, on an investment of 0.9 Bitcoin, would be totally awesome, but it is also not realistic in the least. Folks, that is close to $700 per day which you would be earning, and that is just right now, with Bitcoin being at an all-time low for the past year.

Potentially, if the value of Bitcoin increases to previous levels, this could mean that the BTCOnline program would generate over $2,000 in profits per day. Guys, do you really think that this is realistic? As we like to say here, life just does not work that way. This is beside the point that we have already received numerous complaints from people who had their Bitcoin stolen from them after investing, and never received any kind of payout. These criminals simply steal your Bitcoin and then disappear into thin air.


BTCOnline Scam



BTCOnline User Testimonials – FAKE!

Another scam factor that came to our attention about this BTCOnline app is that the user testimonials are completely bogus. The website features a bunch of BTCOnline user testimonials. However, these just consist of a sentence or two, a fake name, and no picture of the person. Do these fools really expect us take these testimonials at face value?

For one, they are overly positive, like way too good to be true. Also, seeing as we are supplied with random names, but no pictures, and no way of confirming that these people are real at all, it is pretty obvious that the whole user testimonial section is made up out of thin air. These BTCOnline user testimonials are not to be trusted in the least.


BTCOnline Scam



BTCOnline Affiliate Program – PYRAMID SCHEME!

Folks, the BTCOnline system is also a pyramid scheme. It claims to offer an affiliate bonus of 40% for each person that you sign up. This would mean that each person you sign up would provide you with literally hundreds or even thousands of dollars in commission bonuses.

Guys, this is why the BTCOnline app is a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme rolled into one. Just ask any other people who have gotten mixed up with this junk. These crooks never pay out any kind of affiliate bonuses at all. It is just another big lie.


BTCOnline Scam



BTCOnline Mining System – FREE???

The BTCOnline mining system is supposedly 100% free to use. Haha, this makes us laugh so hard. On the other hand, it could make us cry too. Why would these anonymous crooks ever give away free money? Supposedly, this mining pool is totally free to use, it does not cost anything to sign up, and the people running the show apparently do not even take a cut of the profits.

This is a total joke. Nobody in the history of mankind has ever given away free money, especially not millions of dollars, for nothing in return. It just does not make any sense. Nothing in this world is free. Life just does not work that way, not at all. It is ridiculous to think that you will make thousands of dollars in profits per day for not cost at all.

The reality here is that the crooks running this BTCOnline scam just want you to send them your Bitcoin. They never invest or mine with it at all. They simply keep your Bitcoin and that is the end of the story, which is exactly why it is free to use. It’s a big lie, a trick meant to lure you in.

These guys ask for your Bitcoin wallet address, simply so they can try to raid it. Sure, Bitcoin wallets may usually be pretty secure, but that is not to say that an expert hacker could not hack your wallet and clean you out. The bottom line is that these criminals are doing anything and everything in their power to get their grubby hands on your hard earned money.


BTCOnline Scam


BTCOnline Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the BTCOnline program is nothing more than a dirty Bitcoin mining scam. It does not provide any profits, but it certainly does its best to steal from as many people as humanly possible.




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