Currently, there are many CECT clones competing in this market.  Most are quite similar and almost all have high customer satisfaction, but they do differ slightly and each has something that makes it somewhat unique to other models.  Today’s market allows consumers to chose between phones with Java, phones that are considered minis, and phones that have features which are considering to be a “bonus” like shake and tilt, FM radio, or dual sim slots. This article will review one of the most popular, the i68 SciPhone.

Loaded Features:  There are a few clones out there which remain popular even though they don’t support Java. The i68 isn’t one of them.  This phone is considered to be loaded by most.  It supports both Java and Bluetooth and it is able to browse the Internet via WAP 2.0 browser (although because it has Java you can certainly download the very popular Opera Mini browser.)  It is the phone that introduced the upgraded firm ware which was very well received.  It has a bit of an upgraded camera at 2.0 mega pixels which doubles as a web cam.  It has a media player which plays both music (MP3s) and video (MP4s.) It can hold up to 8GB of memory.  It’s a quad band which has the shake and tilt feature which means if you hold the phone upside down, the photos or videos will be oriented in the same direction.  And, you can change the tracks of music by flicking your wrist.  You can move things from the phone to your computer by using either a USB cord (which often serves as the charger) or Bluetooth or a memory card. This phone is dual sim, which means you can have two separate accounts or numbers.I68

This phone is pretty sleek and slim, although it isn’t considered one of the new minis.  The dimensions are 110 x 60 x 11 mm and this model weighs in at about 95 grams. It’s more of a full sized phone.  For comparison purposes, the mini KA08 is about 65 grams, but the advantage of the larger phone is the full 3.2 inch screen rather than a 2.6 inch screen which makes texting and browsing the net a bit of a more pleasurable experience.

User Experience / Performance:  This is a pretty quick phone that is pretty intuitive and user friendly.  Most of us have seen the iPhone in action and the SciPhone i68 provides a very similar experience.  It has the flow touch interface that allows you to use your fingers and scroll or flip through for just about every application.  The phone is solid feeling, takes nice photos, has a very high resolution, and is very responsive to touch.  The speakers are very loud, even on the lowest setting (which is why mine mostly stays on vibrate.) If you’re looking for the Apple features on the cheap, you’ll likely be very satisfied with this phone.

Pricing: Of course, the price and money savings over the life of the phone is where these knock offs shine. You can get many i68’s for under $100 today.  And, you don’t have to go with any specific carrier. You can choice your own, so long as it’s a GSM carrier. You can also opt for prepaid plans or pay as you go.  It’s perfectly feasible to get by quite nicely on $10 – $20 per month, even with MMS, SMS, and Internet / data.  This savings can really add up over the life of the phone.  I’m just over paying an arm and a leg every single month for something which just should not cost so much (and I sometimes don’t even use all of the extras.)  By the brisk sales of these phones, I suspect that many agree with me.

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