Whoever has not heard of the Barbie doll? Well, she is by far, the most widely-acclaimed doll in the whole wide world. No little girl perhaps has ever grown up without having had the chance to own such a precious possession at one time or another, in her life. Be it the real thing or just a mere copycat, a barbie doll probably would make a little girl’s life complete.


Barbie’s Humble Beginnings

Who’s barbie? Introduced to the public in March 1959, Barbie which was launched as a fashion doll is the figurehead of the Mattel brand of dolls manufactured by the American company of the same name. Ruth Handler, an American businesswoman is said to be the brains behind this world famous creation. She got inspiration from a doll she saw in Germany while on tour, named Bild Lilli.

If you’re familiar with the doll world, you’ll know that Barbie is a collectible doll, with the earlier versions fetching hefty sums in auctions. For more than five decades now, the doll has played a significant role in the toy fashion doll market, for the record.

The brand continues to reap worldwide popularity, even twining itself in multimillion dollar lawsuits involving imitations of the doll itself and including her ‘lifestyle’. The hit pop song, ‘Barbie’ in the summer of 1997 added to her fame. For many, the Barbie lifestyle was a dedicated way of life.

Lots of girls dream of owning this doll, and surprisingly, how they wished Barbie were alive. Hence, it comes as no surprise that young pretty humans have tried to imitate her – make themselves really look like Barbie! Along with expensive as well as cheap toys and games for kids alike, the Barbie doll has become a cherished possession of so many children around the world.


Real-life Barbie’s

Below are the girls widely-recognized as human barbie’s, such as:

Paris Hilton. Said to be the Barbie personified, Hilton has long blonde hair, with multiple careers to speak of. She’s likewise a proud owner of a pink car, just like Barbie, just a whooping $200,000 hot pink Bentley Continental GT with monogrammed seats!

KotaKoti. Her real name is Dakota Ostrenga – otherwise known as Dakota Rose, has an unbelievable similarity to Barbie.  Fans in countries like Japan and China (where she was featured on a number of networks) adore her as a cosplayer with a brunette anime-esque look.

Valeria Lukyanova. The most famous among them is perhaps this pretty blonde girl from Russia said to be ” Barbie come alive’. She is a model and entertainer who loves to fill her Facebook page all over with her pictures really looking like the Mattel doll. She projects the glassy-eyed vacant look so perfectly that people ask if she’s even genuine. For that, she earned for herself the title “real-life Barbie doll” and “human Barbie”.

Heidi Montag. The star of the reality TV show, “The Hills”, Montag was a cute blonde described by many as a “naturally beautiful and confident sweetie transformed into an artificial person in just a few short years”.  People were shocked to see her new figure on the cover of People magazine, and the cause of their shock? This headline, “Addicted To Plastic Surgery: 10 Procedures In 1 Day.” She was said to have undergone ten procedures because she wanted to become “the best of me”.

There are still many other women out there, even one from the UK who’s already a mom, who went through great lengths (plastic and cosmetic surgeries as well) just to have that famous real Barbie doll looks.

Sadly, there are people no longer contented with mere funny games and toys. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your own brood, do you? If you want your kids to enjoy a fun, normal life, then, introduce only the toys that are appropriate for their ages. 


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