Realistic Returns in Commodity Trading & Forex Trading

One of the biggest reasons investors fail in commodity trading or forex trading is unrealistic expectations. In conjunction to unrealistic expectations… too many lack my holy grail of Discipline and Patience. Too many traders feel they will hit double digit or even triple digit returns consistently. Well folks, this is not reality. Commodity trading and forex trading is a marathon and profits are made over years. I want to share with you an example of a successful trend follower who has been around for two decades. You will note, he had great years, as well as periods that were down. More so he had periods that last for more than two years that were flat to lack luster. This is what real trading is. You go through long periods of no profits and frustration can build. If you truly want to compound your way to wealth you need to be available. You need to have a very long term outlook. You need to be patient and disciplined if you want to achieve success in commodity trading or Forex trading.

To exemplify this point, I recently read an article in one of the UK business digests. In the digest they were discussing several commodity trading advisors who last year made returns from 30% up to 100%. They were trying to point out those returns were a fluke because this years returns were negative. The fact the digest did not understand is that with Trend Following it is never a smooth ride and draw downs and flat periods are to be expected.

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Andrew Abraham

Futures trading involves risk. People can and do lose money

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