Having difficulty saving money even when you have the best intentions? Learn why some people face stumbling blocks that are hard to overcome.

Sales can affect your buying decisions and sometimes lead you to ignore your budgeting plans. We also have a tendency to buy things. A lot of purchases that we make are really for things that aren’t really needed.

Apart from binge spending what else stops us from saving money? Here are a few things why we fail to save enough money:

1. Just Not Having Enough

This is the most common reason for many people but not having enough money to save is not the real issue. We usually do not have enough because we spend too much money. To let your savings account grow means that you will have to leave it in the bank and not spend it. One thing all of us should remember though is that it is doable.

2. Not Starting Early

Saving money should be part of a person’s values even at an early age because the earlier we all start saving, the more money is saved in our bank accounts. Children should learn how to save money at an early age so they can be educated about finances. Financial literacy is sadly not taught in all schools even if it is vital for day to day activities. Teaching children to save money will help them develop lifelong money management skills.

3. Not Prioritizing

After getting our paychecks, we usually spend on a few things that we don’t actually need. Prioritizing what needs to be paid first would definitely stop us from spending on unnecessary things. Prioritizing would also keep the bills from piling up. This is something that most of us want to avoid. Paying three or even five months worth of telephone bills or cable bills is hard. A bill that should have been affordable can become a huge bill if you ignore it.

4. Not Budgeting

Not doing our monthly budget is one culprit of overspending which leads us to not saving a dime. Budgeting provides a plan where you can easily see what needs to be paid first and what will be left to spend on other things. By budgeting you sometimes come to the realization that there were quite a few things bought last month or last payday that aren’t actually needed.

5. Not Paying Up

A person who has a lot of debt and is not keeping current with their payments gets more interest fees and owes more than they did in the first place. Having to pay on credit cards for a very long time makes saving money barely possible. Put an end to this vicious cycle by making payment arrangements with creditors.

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