I want to show you how you can reduce currency trading risk by doing a fwe simple things that yield a much better result. This is a huge market with over three trillion dollars moving around each day. This brings a lot of rewards to people that are looking to make money, but there is also a substantial risk associated with it to. Knowing exactly how to play your cards can the difference between risk free trading and losing all your money. I’m going to share a few things that I’ve learned over the years that will help you reduce currency trading risk.

You typically have two times to trade; high and low volume. The high volume time is around typical business hours and it is when most people are trading. The low volume time is during the late evening and overnight hours. It isn’t that busy. If you at the supply and demand of both times, you’ll find that there is a risky time to trade. Low volume time seems ideal since it is not busy, but the volume is so low that supply and demand isn’t stable. This means things could easily go erratic.

Currency trading risk can be avoided if you learn the important skills of trading. Candlestick graphs are very common and reading them in a fast and competent manner is important. That is why I suggest you take a course or read book on analyzing candlestick graphs. When you’re able to instantly interpret one of these graphs, you’ll be ready to trade.

Source by Tyler Ziggler