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Since its creation the internet has totally captivated our lives like no other form of media. In its purest state the Internet can be a vital tool in the search for information and entertainment, but like any other tool it can also be used to cause and inflict harm.

The simple reason why: the internet is free and anonymous. It can be used to publish articles regarding just about anything and it is widely used by any and everyone who has access to a computer.

Although there are potentially innumerable ways to destroy someone’s image, let’s look at some of the most popular ones and their possible impact before we decide how to deal with them.

  • A Competitor Has Destroyed Your Reputation By Placing False Posts On Important Consumer Forums:

Chances are that this is seriously harming your business. The internet influences buying decisions in a big way these days and everyday consumers register over 200 million product searches. Some of those consumers may be willing to buy exactly what you have to offer, however if your competitor is slamming your reputation these buyers will never make a purchase from your site.

In fact, messages and complaints posted by your competitor on blogs and forums are meant to make you look like a fraud. Since customers take reputation seriously you will lose business. You could be potentially losing thousands of dollars each day. Think of this as the equivalent to having a person standing right outside your shop with a bull horn. What’s more, even if you were to close up shop and go look for an actual job, chances are that you will still face difficulty. This is because like customers, companies are placing more emphasis on the seriousness of their employees’ online reputation and you may face the consequences of those posts for a very long time.

  • Your Reputation Has Been Damaged Because There Are Online Posts Regarding Court Case Verdicts Or Arrests Like; Failure To Pay Child Support, Involvement In  A DUI Case Or Arrest In A Serious Offense Like Vandalism:

Let’s be honest here, most of us have faced certain embarrassing situations, however certain situations have the ability to affect you more than others. Why is that, you may ask? That is because the embarrassing situation has found its way on to the internet.

Imagine this. You’ve worked extremely hard to convince a new client that you are worthy of taking on their next big project. You finally have the client convinced and they agree to award you the job, but then someone from their company Googles your name and just like that the contract is gone and so are the chances of any future business.

Whether it is a new client or a new job, the idea remains the same, you will be perceived as a person with low moral standards and people will be skeptical of doing any type of business with you. The damage done could last a lifetime and can cause a lot of pain and frustration.

  • A Former Lover Decides To Hurt You By Publicly Releasing Personal Information or Embarrassing Content :

This is probably the worst thing that can happen to anyone. It needs no explanation as to how embarrassing and unwanted this situation is.

The Choice

The choice is in yours as to whether or not you would like to have your personal and professional life attacked due to negative content on the internet. Do you want to continue losing out on jobs, contracts and business or do you want to get rid of those negative online entries and start down the path to a better life?

The Solution

  • Your Own Personal PR Firm: Public relations are a powerful tool. Mostly everyone is aware of it but completely misunderstand the concept. Have you ever wondered how when big corporations and banks run into trouble and in a few days their back to business as usual?

The simple reason is that they use public relations as a means of undoing the damage done to their reputation. They use credible sources like newspapers, television, and online media to push the image they want to project to the public.

You could have that type of power working for you. An online reputation management firm can work for you in the same way a PR firm works for a big company. An online reputation management firm like Image Max PR can assist you in getting rid of negative online content and build a new positive image of you to display to the online community. The same tools that were used to discredit you can be used in your defense.

  • Block Further Attacks Before They Gain Momentum: It is likely that your competitors may publish more in order to discredit you and you will begin to see new entries in the search engine results. By having a reputation management company like Image Max PR on your side the moment your opponent publishes a few negative articles, they are alerted and will immediately begin to flood the internet with positive articles in order to suppress the negative results.
  • Advertising For Positive Effects: As we stated earlier, transitioning from bad news to good news is composed of two parts. First you need to debunk your past image, and at the same time you need to build a new one. Reputation management companies like Image Max PR provides those services.

They will help you find out where the most influential and popular sites concerning your business or hobbies are. They will also keep monitoring your listings and renew or replace old content with newer listings when required.

  • Affordable: By now you would be thinking that this has to be expensive, but that is not the case. Even though most reputation management companies charge thousands of dollars, Image Max PR offers packages with monthly payments and pay as you go options. Their latest do-it-yourself product Eraser Max 5.0 is only $19.95. Eraser Max is a series of 4 easy steps used by the reputation management firms that will help you move all negative content from the 1st page of Google and by being only $19.95 Eraser Max 5.0 can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars.  Compare that with the amount of money you are losing by not getting that job or the revenue from clients. You have to ask yourself “How much is my online reputation really worth?”

So if you are fed up with losing out on jobs, contracts, and having your good name dragged through the virtual mud contact a reputation Management company like Image Max PR today and be sure to check out their latest do-it-yourself product Eraser Max 5.0 for only $19.95 and transform your image to get the life you deserve.

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Source by Tyronne Jacques