You have just purchased a few resale rights ebooks which have a lot of potential. But wait! There is one problem – hundreds of other online marketers are selling the same product. So it means there will be a huge competition. How can you compete? Read on to find the answer to your question.

Resale Rights Ebooks: How To Add Value To Products You Are Selling?

Now before putting the ebooks for sale, the next step is to make your product with resell rights to stand out from the crowd. For this purpose, you should add certain value to your offer.

Here are some practical tips on how to add value to the product before selling it:

1.   Add valuable bonuses to the product.

It would be even better if you add many valuable bonuses to your offer. The more freebies you offer the more sales you can make.


As a bonus, you can add special reports, ebooks or free membership to paid member sites.

2.   Add exclusive bonuses.

If you have noticed even bonuses added by many internet marketers to the products they are selling are the same. So you should offer something special that would help you stand out from the crowd.


Create your own report or ebook related to the niche and add this as a bonus. This can attract even more buyers, as it is something they could not find anywhere else online.


Resale rights ebooks can bring in thousands of dollars if you can make them unique to stand out from the crowd.

Source by Ebook Marketer Said