Hi, today I need to review with you to our “resellers-heaven” autopilot program. I’ve enter to the internet marketing for just 3 month, truthfully I have been spending thousands of my money to buy those click bank XXX, or earning money straightforward XXX, I couldn’t say those product are just bunch of bull shit and I haven’t got the legal right to step on other peoples product. I do learn the image of the affiliate market and strategies from those product I bough before and I do make a bit money of it too, but in truth I’m spending more time then I earn, isn’t that worthwhile at all, maybe I’m not smart enough to catch the key or perhaps I am still missing some puzzles. The major part that makes me spending most of my time is those boring registering, information organize, marketing research, finding good product that might be sells and Shit load of work just for a product.
Resellers-heaven, a product that clam it might do all the work for you, because it is an autopilot system. Learn basic html
Purchase custom graphics
Hire a web designer
Find the right host provider
Research the best product to resell etc
Sort of sucks to face these kind of problem, and I suspect many of us have been throw this step.
therefore a robust tool could come in handy at this moment. They could setup, maintain and host our ecommerce internet site
100’s of in-demand products to resell
Our virtual store can generate up to 6 streams of incomes
No sales experience needed. Sound’s very attempted.

Resellers-Heavens give us “6 streams of incomes?”
earnings Stream 3 : PayDotCom Ad Script Commissions
earnings Stream four : Google Adsense cash
earnings Stream 6 : built in Referral System

Product information
The front end product is composed of the Automated Digital Empire Store ; the coaching Manual ; The fast Start Guide ; A selling Manual ; & many hours of Video help texts. This will sell for a once a year recurring payment of $97. I am now offering the Beta Testers free set-up & installation. If the price is increased at a later stage so will your commissions.
The back end product is a yearly subscription for our Syncing Service, which allows the buyer to import digital products from Resellers-Heaven Directory into their own ADE store. This OTO service is charged at $89, and is completely optional to the customer.

.Slightly Confused? Let me explain…
As you seen from the video above, I sold one product “manually”… And generated an income of $40,000 in just 3 months.

What is Resellers-Heaven Directory?
Resellers-Heaven Directory has become the basis of the new ADE Store, thus it is important to understand what the Directory is…
Our Search Engine Digital list is the original service that I commenced offering my members. It is composed of 32 categories / niches, each crammed with eBooks, software, scripts, videos & much more. The Directory is purpose-built for those who resell electronic products “manually”. The majority of the products contained in the catalog are ones that I have sold “manually”.
Study the diagram below for a more visible understanding.
Moving onwards… Not only have I attempted to make reselling virtual products straightforward & fun, we have virtually automated the process for you.
No HTML information mandatory, no need to research hours on end to choose which product ( s ) to resell, and most importantly…no more wasting money!
By developing this custom eCommerce solution, which connects to Resellers-Heaven Directory, you are able to provide your shoppers with new, top quality, high in-demand products each week. .

Source by Marshall Vazquez