When it comes to dining, Lagos gives you options. This city of 20 million people has a little bit of something for everyone. The price ranges vary widely, which means, whatever your budget, there is something for you in Lagos. Lagos grew out of an ancient Yoruba sea port and trading center. Before becoming the colonial headquarters of Northern & Southern Nigeria, Lagos was a notorious slave trade center. With such a colorful history, you can expect Restaurants in Lagos and Lagos entertainment to have a colorful offering.

Restaurants in Lagos and Lagos Entertainment are generally considered to be expensive though this is not entirely true. The more famed places naturally are on the pricier side, but there are lots of less famed gems that are modestly priced and also not so crowded. The same can be said for Abuja Entertainment and Restaurants in Abuja generally. Differences exist however, though subtle. For example, the scene in Abuja is more laid back while that in Lagos is more about finesse.

Being a coastal town, Fish is one of the main items on a night out to enjoy some Lagos Entertainment. Good places to look when looking for Restaurants in Lagos serving fish include Estrela do Mar which is located on top of the fish market. It has arguably the best grilled fish in town. Prices are a bit on the higher side but well worth the visit! O Navegador is yet another lovely grilled fish restaurant. To properly experience it, you are better off sitting outside. Adega de Marina, not too far off the Marina bridge on the townward side is a canteen with great grilled fish too.

Abuja is also famed for its fish! Restaurants in Abuja will serve hot, spicy, grilled fresh (cat-) fish, covered in foil, served out in the open or on a lawn. This delicacy is a must-have whenever in Abuja. Popularly known as ‘point & kill’, this dining experience is very much a part of Abuja Entertainment, and most nights out start with this meal. This grilled fish can be found in many places across the city. Just go to the closest near you. Restaurants in Abuja will offer a nice helping of a little bit of everything. For continental meals try Chez Victor, Italian is well served by Ciao Italian, while Wakki’s is the best place for laid back Indian meals served buffet style.

Restaurants in Lagos also offer a wide variety. For Asian food, Bambuddha is a good option. Bambuddha also serves South American and Mediterranean cuisines. For Nigerian and African meals, look no further than Yellow Chilli. This lovely restaurant serves various traditional meals from local pepper soup through African meals like spicy spinach sauce. Prices are also affordable to people with modest budgets. Food tends to be generally on the spicier side as generally pertains in West Africa, but its well worth the taste. For all and any contact detail, just check the www.nawaooo.com business directory, Nigeria’s largest database of company details.

Source by Samarth Saxena