This will sound probably weird, but I joined 2 affiliate programs. Why? Honestly there was some stuff in Profit Lance that I did not understand. Do not get me wrong I loved the course, but it was overwhelming to get all the information that I got. Average Joe's was easier to follow and in my opinion more for a newbie.

Average Joe Income Package is broken down into chapters. What is great about this? Easier navigation. The best thing is to follow it chapter by chapter since that is the way its taught, just like school, most of the time its chapter after chapter. Oh and do not confuse this with a e-book because it is not. I'm sure you've seen some programs before that promise all this great stuff on the sale page, you buy it and are suddenly unimpressed because it's a e-book with hardly any info or confusing in some cases. At Average Joe you become a member so you have lifetime updates at his site. You just log in every time you want to check it out. I made a big mistake when I sign in the first time I tried to do everything in one night. That left me very stressed, tired and annoyed so I gave up for a while. Personally I think as each chapter passes you should work on what you are learning. This way it is like creation and goal if you like. Its easier to comprehend this way as well if you are a complete newbie.

In total you get 11 chapters. Most of the chapters have a video so you can see how to do things. There also is PDF files if you would prefer to read instead of following the videos. Average Joe Income Package teaches you the best techniques for making money online. You will be introduced to trusted affiliate networks, good article directories, hosting and domain services for a webpage, blog sites and e-books. So you can get a glimpse as to what each chapter is about by seeing the benefits listed above. The same services that are listed as free in this package is what I use and they do work.

I believe this is more targeted towards a beginner then Profit Lance. Profit Lance is also a good course, but has a lot of advance information that a beginner may not be ready for. Do not worry though, if you are unsure about ClickBank, article marketing, making money with blogs and website's you will learn it all here. It's a good setup of information, so follow it carefully and I am sure you too can start bringing in some online income.

Source by Lee Wolsey