Maximus Edge EA trading software was officially launched on the trading signal pages of binary options yesterday.  In truth, this software has been around for a few weeks.  It has been early on been handed to key influencers for experimenting.  In this review of the Maximus Edge Autobot software, we will go through the salient points of this new trading facilitator.

Why are we calling Maximus Edge as a facilitator?  Well for a change this software is not claiming magical and sensational performance.  It is merely an aid to help traders with receiving decent signals on which they can base their decisions for trading.

The Maximus Edge robot is giving a comprehensive view of the technical analysis that are necessary tools to any day trader.  How does it work?  Read on and discover what our investigations have resulted in.

It is pertinent to note that the US, Canadian and other countries may be directed to other offers outside this system.  This is because this software is not available in those countries.

Why do day traders need Autobots? Why is it that the trading industry is always looking for the best tools to assist with their trading needs?  The answer is very simple.  It is because few people have time to study Technical Analysis.

If you are new to trading, you will be even wondering what Technical Analysis is.  The definition for technical analysis is the study of tools and indicators that help you with making the right decisions when you are trading.

What are Trend Indicators and How does Maximus Edge EA Help?

In our many lectures that can be found in the Sheriff University – we explain in detail about the three types of analysis:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis

Maximus Edge EA

The review Maximus Edge Autobot clearly explains how the developers of this software used the keys tools of technical analysis to develop this signal software. If you are not doing well with your trading, this may be a solution.  If you sit in front of a computer forever and try to analyze charts without any direction, you can be assured of disaster.

This is where the Maximum Edge Autobot can be of assistance.  This software has been designed to catch the price ranges and best entry and exit points in trading.  It has been developed and tweaked to run a combination of indicators together and optimize their value.

Here we are talking about Pivot Points, Bollinger Bands, Stochastics and Fibonacci Retracement rules.  These may sound “techy” for new traders.  Max himself, the developer of this App says so.  However, in truth, anyone who is serious about trading needs to have a good knowledge about these trading tools.

The Maximus Edge EA is a user-friendly and stress-free solution for new traders.  It combines the most important indicators and translates them into signals.  A new trader can just act on the signals and trade on them.

Who are the Creators of The Maximus Edge EA?

You can watch the full Maximus Edge EA official video HERE.  The video presentation is definitely not a professional production or paid actor business.  It is far too naive.  However, Max or Maximum does make a very good explanation of why this software works.

Max took on developing this software as a “dare”.  Considering that some people are wizards at mathematics and therefore technical analysis become a piece of cake to them, Max decided to prove why he was able to accurately predict market movements.

The reason why Max is without a surname seems to be to guard his identity against trolls.  This is widely accepted as a legit practice in these phishing days.  At the same time, you need to consider that Max is not selling his product.  He is merely inviting you to try it out for free. Therefore there is no catch here.  The catch is only whether the software actually works or not. 

Maximus Edge AutoBot

Is Maximus Edge EA a Good Signal Software?

Maximus Edge EA

Naturally, the proof of the pudding is always in the eating.  There is no use in acquiring a new software system unless it gives profits and good results.  For this reason, we have been testing out the software ourselves for the past couple of days.

So far so good.  The performance of the software has been an average of 80% correct signals.  In binary options trading, you need to have at least 60% ITM results to see any capital growth.  This is because the binary options brokers will always make 25% average profit on every one of your winning transactions.  Yes, you heard right.  Your payout is never 100% but just 75%.  The 25% is kept by the broker himself.  This is the manner by which brokers make money.

Therefore an average success rate of 80% is considered to be a very good performance rate.

Our Experience with Maximus Edge EA

As explained earlier we have been testing the software for just a few days.  This does not constitute enough time to make any blanket statements about the performance of this software.

However, the fact that we have had consistent positive results so far does indicate that the Maximus Edge EA is not a scam.

The software is using the very same indicators which we have been teaching through our University. These are the indicators that we have proved to be the most reliable.

Should You Subscribe to Maximus Edge EA?


Well, the good news is that Maximus Edge EA is free.  Furthermore, the brokers are recommendable.  The reason that we have not been making recommendations for binary options trading in the past months has been simply that there were too many scam brokers in the picture. There has been a recent shake-up from investigators has imposed severe penalties on any sort of scam.  It has naturally meant that scam brokers have closed shop and cleared the arena.  Which leaves you with much better options.

Therefore subscribing to Maximus Edge EA from their official PAGE HERE is not going to expose you to risk.  The capital that you will need to deposit to activate your account is simply your working capital.  You may choose to withdraw this capital at any point in time that you do not see the capital growth you should be expecting.

Maximus Edge EA Review Conclusion

You may want to read some more information about the Maximus Edge AutoBot in our earlier review. Before you make any commitments with your capital, you should always note that trading does carry a high risk of capital loss.

We always feel obliged in pointing out that you should get an education if you want to trade seriously.

Interested in Trading? Head over to “The Secret Trader” and start your road to professional trading education.







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